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March 29, 2015


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Beautiful photos! We had some company over this week. Nothing like company to encourage some yard work, ha ha! I managed to do some garden clean up and now we're enjoying it.


We've had a bit of spring, but then jumped back into winter for a few days, so it's hard to get going. We did clean up the ornamental grasses, and the garden around the patio. But there's still so much winter clean up to be done! So first I finish cleaning up the brown things, then I can prune the roses. But first, looking forward to warmer days this week! That 17 degree night this weekend was not at all amusing.


Loved seeing all your gorgeous photos. So many pretty daffodils in your yard. I'm so happy that you are able to get out and work in your beautiful gardens this year and I am hoping you have a long, wonderful season. The forecast shows a few freezing nights coming up this week - hope that will be the end of it for this year!


Kathleen, that dry eye medicine is called Optimmune Opth Ointment. It's expensive but it seems to be doing it's job.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Wow, you are so far ahead of us! Although, we're on a more "normal" schedule for our area this year. Last year was way colder and later than this year. Talk about glorious photos of Hellebores--wow! And the Amaryllis ... and the bees! Stunning!


Kathleen girl .. if you were not such a sweet gal I would be shaking my fist at you saying naughty words! LOL
I am locked in snow still and a "mountain" of snow is sitting on my daff bulbs in the front (we will have to actually shovel most of it off because they will have no chance until July .. BIG sigh !
Your pictures are gorgeous and I often wonder about replacing my single flower hellebore completely with double ones because they are so pretty !
I am glad you have this happening .. and you are feeling that garden bug catching on .. and yes, I know when I start it will be a continual catch up .. haha
Take care and have fun !
Joy : )


You are well ahead of us here. I guess we got the lion instead of the lamb. There hasn't been snow, but it has been unseasonably cold. Can't wait until we have a few daffodils which we hopefully be as pretty as yours are Kathleen. Happy Easter!


It looks like you are close to where we are, spring wise. You must be happy about that! Your daffodils are lovely.

You asked about the wisteria -- no, the buds didn't make it through the cold. Womp, womp. :(

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