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August 29, 2014


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Yay - garden party! You always make everything so special! My mouth was watering looking at that awesome sandwich - I must make them sometime. Was so happy to see another awesome post tonite!


And the urn looks absolutely gorgeous with the plants you added!

Donna May

Just beautiful!! I live up in Westminster and absolutely love your blog. I'm an avid gardener, also a Master Gardener with CSU extension, but still learn so much from your posts! Thank you.


Dana ~ come up & I'll make you one!!!

Donna May ~ thank you for your very kind comment. That made my day & makes me feel so good. I bet you have a fantastic garden too??


Kathleen girl this post is one of the prettiest I have seen with the topics of fruit, Limoge (which I was so lucky to buy a huge dinner set while we lived in Holland .. so I appreciate your pieces very much!)recipes,gardening all of it!
The eared urn is such a head turner .. I love it and wish I could find one like it too!
It is beautiful and you planted it wonderfully!
You asked about my mirror and the chance of birds flying into it .. I would be crushed if something like that happened .. so no, it doesn't since it is on ground level (I always knew if I found the right one it would be ground level in the dry stream bed).. in fact you are the first one I have heard from that read birds had hurt themselves doing that .. that would bother me so much !
In any case .. I got off track, I wanted to say this post was such a pretty one with a blend of beautiful photos!
Well done you .. now get some rest girl !!
Joy : )

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh my goodness you're food looks tasty! All of it. The urn is perfect with the plants you added to it! And, yes, I'm a Downton Abbey fan, too. Can't wait to see the next season. I wish we could watch it at the same time as the Brits, but that would be too easy, I guess. ;-)

Beth @ PlantPostings

Ooops. Typo. Should be "your food looks tasty" ... can you tell I'm in a hurry this eveing? Off to make some homemade salsa ...

Beth @ PlantPostings

evening ;-)

Jan Barron

I love everything about this post! Your garden party sounds perfect!


Thank you Beth & Jan!!!


The new urn looks great planted up. The peach preserves looks so jewel-like and I can just imagine how wonderful it would be on buttered toast. That sandwich looks amazing too.

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