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June 29, 2014


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Hello Kathleen girl !
I'm sorry I haven't been here sooner and missed what on earth happened to your daughter? .. In any case I hope she is on the path to feeling much better and the stress levels are lower.
When our kids get sick no matter the age .. we feel every bit of it too.
I love the pillows you have put with your chairs .. a perfect foil to that lovely green : )
The antique wheel barrow is gorgeous! .. I can't find stuff like that, you are a great garden accent hunter! haha
The plants should last you all summer and they look great in the barrow!
Yes .. I get so excited to see these caterpillars but I can't capture one yet to over winter .. too early .. has to be late August if possible .. fingers crossed !
All the best for your daughter Kathleen .. and you too girl !
Joy : )
PS .. haven't been able to get passion flowers for two years now .. not in the market place at all.


Kathleen, your echinacea and that oriole have matching outfits! Wonderful color!
I hope your daughter feels better!

Beth @ PlantPostings

I'm so glad to hear your daughter's health is improving! Kathleen, you are so creative! You're so talented with taking simple items and making them spectacular! And how wonderful to have orioles at this time of year. I've only seen them in the springtime here. Happy 4th!


Yay - a new post and it's a great one! Love the new pillows and thanks for saying where you got them because I was going to ask. They are perfect for the chairs. And the wheelbarrow is stunning! I am so happy you are able to find some time to garden while nursing Janae back to health. I am so jealous of your Oriole's...I have to find a way to get them in my yard! Can't wait until we can get together again - it's been way too long!

Grace Peterson

I hope your daughter is continuing to improve. What great photos. I love the color of the Adirondacks and the pillows really are nice. And the wheelbarrow is way cool. And the oriole visitors are quite handsome too. Great post.

Karen (Horst) Hochstetler

Hi Kathleen. I enjoy your wonderful photos! and the gardening iteas--I really love the vintage wheelbarrow. Happy summer to you and your daughter.


Now don't even tempt me with "fancy" coneflowers, because I've vowed to stick with the traditional. But that melon color is gorgeous! And I sure love that wheelbarrow, I'm very jealous! Great pillows against the lime green, did you make them yourself?

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