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January 28, 2014


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Hi Kathleen! I have thought about you, but I haven't blogged in months either. What a coincidence that today we both post for the first time in months.
We've had family issues with health and other things going on and that just has to take precedence.
I'm looking forward to seeing what is happening in your garden! :)


It's good to see you posting again! Alcoholism is such a tough problem, and as yet treatment for it is woefully inadequate.


Oh Kathleen, so sorry to hear your news. I grew up with an alcoholic father....
I've been taking a break from blogging also. Welcome back. Hope to see more of you. Take care of yourself.


Just decided to check your blog and was so happy to see a new post! I've told you before and I'll say it again here - I admire you so much for how much you give to the people you love! I've watched what this situation has done to you, prayed for the situation and will continue to. I am looking forward to spending more time together and to our annual greenhouse hopping. Love that you are blogging again and looking forward to seeing the next post. And guess what - the Amaryllis you gave me is putting up a second flower stalk! I'm so excited! Thanks again for the gift. Love you my friend...

Alice Golden

You have been in my thoughts frequently - glad to see you getting back into the swing of things. The person you are helping is lucky to have you in their corner! I'm looking forward to your photos - no matter how infrequently you post - always feel like spring is just around the corner after I've visited your blog. :)


Thinking of you, Kathleen. I'm glad to see you posting your lovely photos again.


I've been stopping by and am glad you're back but so sorry you've had a difficult few months. xo


So glad you are back, I love your pictures. My daughter is an alcoholic, I learned a lot at the rehab family week, but it can be daunting. She has chronic pain, and was self medicating, but it is never easy to deal with. Always take care of yourself, you cannot help anyone if your are not healthy, mind, body and soul.


There will always be those defining moments in life. We can choose to let them knock us down, or we can just keep on keeping on. Glad you chose to move forward. Life goes on, no matter how difficult. When the blessings are hard to find, look harder.


Dear Kathleen: I thought of you today, and realized that your blog hasn't been popping up in my blog list. So I typed in your URL, and here you are. Hurray! Sorry for the absence, but I'm having trouble finding a reliable way to catch my favorite feeds. In any case, I'm sorry to hear about this difficult situation. But I'm glad you're back, and I will always follow your blog. Dang--I've been missing out these past few weeks!

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