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April 17, 2013


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WOW - how exciting to see the owl! Awesome photos as always! I'm with you - so completely sick of this snow and just trying to remember how much we need the moisture. But please - let it end soon. I am so happy we are getting together to Rush for the Roses on Saturday and praying that the sun is finally shining by then!


By the way - I am so happy that you decided to keep blogging. I so enjoy your blog!


Wow, that is a lot of snow! And here I was whining about the cold weather. I'm hoping we're done with the snow. The revised forecast is looking a little better. Congrats on the great horned owl captures! Amazing!!


Oh Stuff! Well that is what I think of these late snows anyway Kathleen. LOL! Sorry to see you have had yet another one. I hope it is your last my friend.
What a wonderful and beautiful visitor you had though. They are just so majestic and regal looking to me.
Well I hope your snow melts as fast as it arrived.
Have a wonderful week.

Grace Peterson

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Rush for the Roses is a snow-free event. :) Wow that owl is totally awesome. Great photos even if they were altered slightly. He really is all business, isn't he?

Nancy Anderson ( Nan's Nappies)

Maryland has had unseasonably warm temps! I had to put on shorts yesterday afternoon and I am not one who gets hot easily. Everything is in bloom here. Allergies are raging but I love the weather. My friends in North Dakota and Denver are snowed under too. My husband hates to see even one flake of snow!


Great owl photo!!


Hi Kathleen, I already commented but I'm writing again to say thank you for your sweet, heartfelt comments on my blog. Thank you for your encouragement on my publication dreams. It means the world to me. I'm giving you a virtual hug. :) ... I hope the snow, as beneficial as it is, has melted now. Please keep us posted.


Hang in there Kathleen. My niece lives in Denver, she's as tired of the snow as anyone. (At least her non-existent garden isn't coming apart, but she also doesn't get to have an owl show up in her tree!)
Nice pic.


Wow, I am no longer complaining about the spring weather we have had here. You have had it far worse. I can't believe you had this much snow in mid-April! Hopefully it has warmed up some since you posted this.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Very cool owl picture!!! Maybe you wouldn't have seen it if not for all the snow.

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