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April 01, 2013


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I think the problem is everybody has posted all the seasonal stuff and they post too often...only once a month is enough...Also one need to write about books poetry,art recipes....and unusual trip etc......that will make one motivated...take a break and wite down some intersting posts you could work on..


I had some stuff going on in my personal life 3 years ago and took a few months off as a result... you can always take a break and then come back. I remember you wrote once that this blog was your happy place, and you have not been in a happy place recently, needless to say. Maybe just wait until you feel better? I'd hate to see you stop blogging altogether.


Oh, please don't stop, Kathleen. Or maybe you could just send ME your pretty pictures? Just for me alone? ;-) Seriously, I look forward to opening your blog posts every time. You have a unique style of writing and a unique way of photographing both indoor and outdoor plants. But taking a break--as long as you need--is a great idea if you need it. And switching up the blog's design or format might spark your creativity and passion, too. In any case, I hope you'll keep in touch! Sincerely, Beth

Alice Golden

I hear you Kathleen! Have felt that way many times... it's good to take a break. Personally, I would love for you do share more tutorials - ideas for newer gardeners - how to use different items to plant in (like the teacup in this post). I still remember a great post you did on storing bulbs for the winter - things like that. I think those types of things get pinned more often too. And you know, I LOVE to see your craft projects. :)


I think we all feel the same way at times. Why am I doing this? Blogging is fun, but there is a lot of work to it as well. Having the outlet for self-expression is great, but always being creative is hard at times. And there are so many blogs out there now! Were am I going with all this?, I ask myself constantly.
Just when I want to give up something propels me forward: pride in a perfectly executed sentence or picture I have taken or perhaps a kind comment that someone has left on a post.
So I will finish with a kind and appreciative words. I have certainly come to enjoy your blog. I love your orchids (which I discovered I am abysmal at growing by the way!) and your beautiful amaryllis pictures. Your garden is both pretty and charming- the watering cans, the birdhouses, the wheelbarrow filled with blooms, and of course, all the flowers. There are lots of us out here who hope that you will keep sharing your unique perspective on life and gardening.


It is hard sometimes to keep the blog going, especially in the winter when nothing is blooming. But I do like to keep it as a garden journal, so that I know what blooms when. Only you if you want to keep going or not. I'd miss your photography!


Its the passion on what you love is the main factor that keeps you going..


To think it was 70 degrees yesterday! Am missing my Amaryllis! Will this work??
Tech-Challenged Friend

Shady Gardener

Hello my blogging friend! Don't go. Just take it easy for awhile. I have slowed way down myself . . .mainly participating in a simple little meme periodically. I'm still taking it fairly easy. Please don't quit. :-)


Taking breaks is something I think we all need from time to time. Personally I really enjoy your blog and hope you continue. :-)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Kathleen, I feel the same about the blog, though I love all the folks and the interaction. I just need to get back into the swing of it. Hope you do the same.

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