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November 11, 2012


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Northern Shade

It looks like you still have quite a few golden leaves in the garden. New buds are especially uplifting to the spirits.

I used to grow Scabiosa,, and love those pretty flowers they produce, but mine kept getting powdery mildew so I gave up on them.

Your indoor starts look promising. You'll still be able to look forward to fresh blooms as the temperatures drop outdoors.


Mmmm, I'm imagining the scent of the Sweet Alyssum. It's such a pleasant scent. I've never been very successful growing them, but I admire their beauty and perfume in other people's gardens. Time to move the garden indoors--I've had mixed luck with that...


We've finally hit a cold snap here in Idaho. Those nice fall days are over I'm afraid.


That is such a treat to see your Scabiosa putting on a few blooms. Mine died last winter and I never replaced them. Look at you amaryllis going.I hope mine blooms this year Kathleen or I am tossing them things. LOL! My Alyssum's did not like this hot summer either and are blooming fairly well now with the cooler damper temperatures as is the begonias. Your golden leaves and pumpkin look so pretty in the sunlight. Have a wonderful week.


It has been a wonderful autumn here as well. You've captured its golden sunshine beautifully... I have enjoyed every moment of the time outside, sometimes lying on the grass and looking up through the leaves. It's amazing what you can see from down there. I also noticed the alyssum was blooming and for the first time stopped to really look at its individual flowers...It was lovely.


Your first picture really captures the essence of the beauty of a golden fall day.

Alice Golden

Your photos are wonderful Kathleen. I was at our local grocery store/farm stand today and they had the biggest amaryllis bulbs I have ever seen.. seriously, the size of bowling balls! they made me think of you :)


Alice ~ did you buy one?? I wouldn't have been able to resist!! I've never seen one anywhere near that big. Hugs, K

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving. You are good to get the Amaryllis on its way to bloom for Christmas. wow.


Hi Kathleen, I am hoping that the weather stays warm just a few more days at least. I still have some raking to do and some bulbs that I got on clearance to plant. I have been thinking about gardening indoors though. While grocery shopping, I started the hunt for some paperwhites. I always like to have some for my birthday on the 1st.

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