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June 22, 2012


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You are a master at the design and the photography, Kathleen! Thanks so much for sharing it all. I can't decide which plant I like best in your bird cage--they're all beautiful in their own way. I guess I'd make a decision based on where you place it in the garden and which plants are near it. Gorgeous photos! :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Love reseeders too. Your photo of the coneflower and the fleabane is lovely, well, all your photos are lovely but I really like that one. Having a pond adds a nice touch to the garden. Pretty fish!


We're thrilled that you do share your garden with us!
I have to vote for the cherry star because I love pink.
I also love self seeders.


Such a lovely pond too and I'm so glad you share your wonderful photography with us all!

Aaron Gardener

Wow. Amazing photos!!

I'm a big fan of reseeders myself. In my Tennessee garden (2nd year), cosmos bipinnatus has been the most prolific reseeder.

Last year, I actually tried deadheading the cosmos for a while to prolong the bloom, but this year I've been letting the seeds mature on the plants, which has attracted several goldfinches, who will probably give me even more volunteer cosmos next year!


I love the images of the flowers peering out of the iron birdcage. Such an interesting concept.


Kathleen girl this is spectacular!!
I am so happy you have the pond because I know who truly relaxing it is and how it adds another perk to the garden .. if we didn't have such a raccoon problem here I would have our little one back in a flash .. I feel so bad about Ernie and Burt practically served up on a platter for those wicked raccoons .. those plants are so beautiful in your birdcage , which I absolutely love by the way .. I love pieces like that in the garden .. I want one too now!! haha
The garden is going through it's second stage of blooms now after that quick Spring .. so the cone flowers are unfurling along with different astilbe smiling .. we had glorious rain yesterday even after I hand watered but I am not complaining .. it is all GOOD !
This is such a nice post with such pretty pictures .. I have another passion flower but this one is not zone hardy for us at all .. still it is hubby's favorite so he is enjoying it along with our little jug fountain on the deck .. the sound of water is such a relaxing element isn't it ?
Take care girl !


Beautiful as always. I vote for the Cherry Star in the vintage cage. That is my very favorite annual this year. Can't wait to see all of these in person this Saturday!


Amen! By now you've already decided on the dweller of said birdhouse but I will put my two bits in the pot and go with the Calibrachoa. Thunbergia is nice though. Love your photos and prose.


Next year I WILL find me some Queen Red Lime zinnia seeds!!!

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