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August 25, 2011


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Hi Kathleen, We all need breaks from blogging. Nothing like a bit of time away to make us feel refreshed. Great buy on the watering can. They all look so nice together.


I've been on and off blogging this summer. Life just gets busy. Sounds like you've been having fun though.
LOVE the watering can. If I find one under $20 I think it's a good deal. Some of the antique stores have started charging ridiculous prices for them now. Luckily the little antique mall in our town hasn't realized what good deals they have.


So happy to see a new blog today - I've been checking nightly! Glad you had a little break from it, but happier that you are back. I look forward to seeing what you write and your pics. Love the watering cans - you always find the best deals. I am still considering a trip to the Perennial Gardener this Saturday. Are you up for it? Gully's too?


Happy belated birthday, Kathleen. Your time away sounds fun. Great score on the watering can. I agree. If they're under $15.00 they're worth nabbing. Love your photos! So are chickens in your future? :)


Good to see you back posting Kathleen! Beautiful image of the 'black beauty' lily.


Well Happy Belated Birthday Kathleen! I love old watering cans and have a couple. That is such a pretty picture with the coneflowers in one. The Naked Ladies are pretty.This is the first year that I have grown a couple in pots. I hope they do not end up like my amaryllis bulbs and not bloom again for me. I have had my amaryllis out all summer in the sun so I am hoping to get some blooms this winter. LOL!Have a wonderful weekend.


Hi Kathleen, I have a thing for watering cans too. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I maybe have 10 of them. I haven't taken pictures of them for some unknown reason. I love your shot with the past-its-prime echinacea. It was the perfect choice for the older, slightly rusted can. I must try to take a few pictures of mine before the end of the gardening season.
I admired Back Beauty lilies in a garden I recently visited and they are definitely going on my list of garden additions next summer (that and yellow tigers which I also love!).


P.S. Happy Birthday!!


Happy Belated Birthday! I love the rosy pink of 'Novella'. That's gorgeous.

If I was to try one lily it'd be 'Black Beauty'. It's aptly named!

I need to try Magic Lilies too. I remember my grandfather grew those in his Indiana garden.

Shady Gardener

Good to see you! It's been One-of-those-summers here, too. Not blogging much... but, Kathleen, it's so dry here that it's just been a struggle to keep things "afloat." 8 1/2 weeks - no rain. I know it will rain soon, though. There are "important things" yet to do. ;-)


Well Happy Belated Birthday!
We went to the fair a couple years ago and really enjoyed seeing the chickens and bunnies. Fun stuff.

It's funny how summer gets away from us.

One can't have just a couple of watering cans... many are needed! I love the coneflower shot... very nice!


Hey it happens, welcome back Kathleen! :)

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