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August 07, 2011


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Shady Gardener

You will be! :-) Doesn't matter that it's hot and dry... you still found some great photos! You're loving 'David?' I do, too!


It doesn't look like mayhem in your garden, very fresh and pretty. Your yew path looks so pretty and your dog looks cute there. I have several containers that I never got around to planting this year either, but yes there is always next summer.


I thought too your garden looked pretty and fresh. My phlox is blooming up a storm after having powdery mildew so bad, which disappeared on its own. That NEVER happened before. What an odd year it has been.


Love love love that second sunflower photo Kathleen!


You have got a lovely picture of your garden.Keep going what do y do.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Summer doldrums for sure! This heat keeps us in the house....most of the time. I have some containers that look so bad I think I will retire them early this year. Your puppy looks comfy in the shady grass.
I get some broken branches and I blame a few of my four legged friends. Have put some small fences to keep them from running right through some areas.
ps- come to my blog and see the Papilio!


I was just posting on how bad I thought my garden was looking now. The garden is run down and so am I this hot weather. Oh, to be in my twenties again. LOL! You have some wonderful blooms and I think your phlox is Laura.Your puppy looks very content to lay in the shady grass. It is so cute. Beautiful pictures as always Kathleen.


I think this is why I'm doing so much deadheading and pruning this time of year. My plants are crowded and leaning and parts of them are dry and brittle. It's all part of the August garden and I kind of enjoy the process. Beautiful photos!


Yep - feeling the same way! I have so much to do in my garden this fall. So many things need to be relocated and I'm tired just thinking about it. I love your yew pathway - it is so beautiful. I planted David Phlox this year and already wish I had more of it....loving it and the scent is so nice. As always, your photos are amazing!


Your garden looks great Kathleen. I can show you a tired & dryed out one though. ;)


Yes, there is always next year. I can imagine your yew pathways are nice. The thought reminds me of European estates with their tall yews. So lush and green. I hope the hummers show up soon. We've enjoyed quite a show here but all females. I don't know what that means but usually the males migrate first but it is much too early for that-I hope.


Such a cute picture of your dog. :) Your garden looks so wonderfully green. And I love the pictures of the sunflowers, especially the second one. Beautiful.

I know what you mean about weather conditions and energy levels getting in the way of getting garden plans carried out. I can't even remember what my earlier garden plans were, my brain is so fried by the heat. I'll have to look them up. lol


PS This is only the second year I've grown Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate. The first time was years ago and it didn't self sow, but that could be because I mulched over the seeds. I have heard that it's a good self-sower though.


Everything looks beautiful through your lens, Kathleen. I know what you mean, though. So many big projects I should tackle, but my heart is simply telling me, "Enjoy your garden. Enjoy the perfect weather. Sit on the screen porch, relax, and take it all in." Maybe that's my lazy side talking to me, but still, these perfect summer days will be gone before we know it!


I know exactly what you mean about August garden messiness. I also don't have the energy to do anything about it. Your little vignettes are lovely, though.
And if you have some Cherry Bells campanula seeds to share I'd love some!

Ramona/The Garden Explorer

Whether it's accidental or not I love the Monet affect in your garden. It's difficult to find lusiousness in the garden this time of year isn't it? When the pests take over the garden and the heat of the day sets in, things get a little tattered! I'm also grateful for the cooler nights and mornings.

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