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August 01, 2011


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That's an amazing view!! Even without the hot air balloon. We sure don't see many of those here. It is sultry here too. So oppressive. Hubby and I were downloading some stuff yesterday at high noon in the sun and I tell you I'm not so sure I've recovered from the heat stress yet! It is mighty scary out there with this heat. What is bad is that while the thermometer does not say it is so hot it is the humidity that does one in. Everything in the garden is turning brown too. Ah, it must be August:)


I cannot get over that spider being the same color as the bloom. What a pretty pair they make. I love your Feather morning glory. What a pretty bloom.


Oh my gosh, you're so right--the morning light is unparalleled. I'll have to get my lazy self outside one of these mornings and photograph some plants with oblique light. Beautiful captures!


I've had a bit of insomnia myself lately Kathleen. It may be the heat. I love that Morning Glory 'Pink Feathers', how unique is that bloom! :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

I love hot air balloons, how lucky to capture it against the mountains. Beautiful.
The lighting early in the morning is very nice, it is just so darn early. Glad you can appreciate the ungodly hours by getting some wonderful photos....thanks for sharing.


You have a great view of the mountains! even better with the hot air balloon. I wish I could get up early, but often I can't get to sleep before 2 am. The early morning hours are beautiful. The flower shots that you got are exquisite!


Kathleen, I am a terrible insomniac myself. I have no problem falling asleep, but rather staying asleep. 3 am is a time that I have come to hate. I wake up and toss and turn until it is time to get up. Then I am exhausted all day. Apparently, this sort of interrupted sleep effects women more than men for some reason.
Your flower shots are all lovely. I like the zinnias and the Canterbury bells particularly. What great luck to get such a good shot of the hot air balloon!
P.S. I absolutely love the lime green chairs in your last post!!


Me neither. Fall can take its sweet time getting here! That crab spider really knows how to camouflage himself, doesn't he? I hate those things because the grab sweet, innocent pollinators just trying to do their thing. I suppose the spider is just trying to do its thing to but still...

Great photos! I hope you can get the sleep you need so you can rise early and get lots of blog photos to wow us.


As always, a lovely post, Kathleen. I often wake at 3 AM too ... a magic number! Hot air balloons are always a thrill to see ... lucky you had your camera near. (Or do you sleep with it :)

flyer printing

I love the timing of the shot of the air balloon, you can see the mountains and a little bit of tree leaves on the right side of the pic. I love it.


kathlene, Such lovely flowers~and that balloon with mountains~Sigh! Love, love, love the yellow crab spider~Way to hide on that flower. gail

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