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June 12, 2011


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Janet, The Queen of Seaford

I love that vase!!!! It is on the wish list for Mother's Day or birthday or something! Love it.
Your bloom is gorgeous! No excuses needed.


Yay - love the vase! Of course I do....I bought one too. Mine is still empty tho. Like you I hate to cut flowers out of my garden, so I need to go buy some. I'm inspired now after seeing how pretty yours looks. The Boulder Garden Tour is one of my favorite annual events - mostly because I get to spend the day with you and spend money! Two fun things!


That clear flowering can vase is so neat!


Yep, I can see why you couldn't pass it up. It's a beauty, all right. Way to go! And that watering can vase is way cool. It looks like an antique. I want one. Nice job on the arrangement.


Oh that vase is wonderful and the flowers DO look like they were arranged by a florist!

Very creative - great work Kathleen.


To answer your questions on my blog: The tree with the "interesting configuration" is a "antique" pear tree. It has multi-trunks and new foliage after being cut back hard. Although we're not terribly fond of pears, I didn't have the heart to remove the tree. You can see why. Japanese Maples can be grown in large containers for many years--especially the dwarf varieties. There's hope. :)


That vase is too cool, I don't blame you for not wanting to cut flowers from your garden. One of these days I'll make a garden bed just for cut flowers. :) Oh and I don't blame you for buying that Double Pink, she's a beauty!


Ha, I don't much like to cut flowers from the garden either. The only time I do it is if I think the flowers will be frozen in spring. The watering can makes a great vase!

Ramona/The Garden Explorer

Kathleen, the watering can vase will make a perfect addition to your decor. I'm afraid we wouldn't make a great pair shopping for plants together since I have little willpower when it comes to plants! Enjoy your double pink streptocarpus!

Shady Gardener

YOU are too creative! ;-) Actually, it's beautiful and I loved the watering can vase. How is life with you these days? It's been kinda crazy around here.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Did a quick Google search for that Watering Can vase.... hard to find. booo hisss


Love that watering can vase. (Should I try to find one?)
Not even going to think about another orchid, (I have only one, but it's all I can handle.) But I totally get why you couldn't leave without that one.

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