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June 09, 2011


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Me too. Plant and hope for the best. And if things don't look so great--which often occurs in my garden--plants can be moved. There's always another chance. And this is the beauty of gardening, don't you think? I love your photos and your garden looks absolutely wonderful. Have you thought about lime green for your raised bed? The same color as your Adirondack chair? Just a thought.

Ramona/The Garden Explorer

Kathleen, your gardens are lovely. You remind me of myself...when the ball gets rolling on the garden projects, I don't want to stop. Now you need to invite friends over so they can also appreciate your hard work.

The pink honeysuckle seems very happy meandering over the arbor. Your conservatory idea sounds like a wonderful refuge to sneak away to during the long winter months.

My vote is for the chartreuse green or periwinkle blue on the raised bed. Good luck and let us know what you decide.


That pink honeysuckle is GORGEOUS. I would love to have a garden like yours one day ... one day.


I am so glad to hear the cheer in your voice with your gardens. If it makes you happy then yes, you are most definitely on the right track. Our gardens must reflect our likes and desires. Good job!


Your garden is gorgeous! The honeysuckle blooming on the arbor is absolutely divine, and that last pic is so colorful and welcoming. Keep going! You've done great!


The arbor is beautiful! I love the view down the path. I can see why you are enchanted with your garden this time of year--just lovely and very inviting!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

What a gorgeous garden Kathleen. I think that pink honeysuckle is really pretty. You have some great plans for your garden. Seems they are always a work in progress. Just when you have things as you want them Mother Nature intervenes/ it with super cold winters or deer or voles or drought or or or....


June is not a good month for us thus far, it's been hot like August and drier than the Sahara. :( But we are currently getting a rainstorm, yay! Your long shots of your garden are so gorgeous, I think the periwinkle blue is just what that raised bed needs to make it pop. Keep up the great work!!! :)


Trial and error is a gardener's manta, Kathleen ... and all looks grand!


I like the Shipyard Blue, but being a Tarheel fan I might be biased... ;) I love the views of your garden with the honeysuckle and the rose. The honeysuckle looks amazing. Your two new shrubs sound like great finds, both unique and beautiful, and so should suit your garden well! Also I love the view of your front bed. Gorgeous!

Alas, Animal Kingdom didn't have a good race in the Belmont; rough start and he stalled in the stretch. Could be he doesn't like mud and the track was very sloppy.


Kathleen, I hope you realize how beautiful your garden is! Just lovely.

Hydroponic Gardening

Your garden is so lovely and combination of plants and flowers with eye catching color is admirable.June just refreshed your garden I guess.

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