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May 16, 2011


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Your photos are incredible no matter what view you choose! The floating Pitcher Plant is intriguing!

You have great garden ornamentation. Love your arbor and the wooden pyramid in the background.


Kathleen you are making great progress on your yard. Although I LOVE your macro shots, it's a nice change to see more of your beautiful gardens. Your pitcher plant is so COOL!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

It is nice to get the long shot views. I like the stone walls and the curved beds. I have never had a pitcher plant, good luck with it, it is really cool.


Your garden is very charming, Kathleen ... your photos grand!


It looks so pretty! I love your macros, but it's great to see more of your garden.
What is it that your Pitcher plant is in/on?


Your garden is looking wonderful. I love your pond.


I sure enjoyed seeing the long veiws, and it all looks lovely! Like you, I much prefer the macro, because real life doesn't get in the way. There's always a neighbor's car, or the plain old beige siding, or something to obscure the beauty of my flowers. That's why I love the macro! I'd like to have lots more energy too, because my mind swirls with new garden ideas, just like you!


Gorgeous Kathleen! I love what you've done in the backyard and I really can't wait to get up there to see it. You are amazing and talented and I am always in awe of your projects! Love the new pond plant too - I've never seen one. See you soon for the Boulder Garden Tour - I can't wait!


It's always good to see the long shots to get an idea of your overall garden. You've been a busy girl! It's all going to be beautiful. I can fully empathize with your back problems. Ouch! But we persevere because the rewards are great :)
Our spring weather sounds like yours - cool, wet and windy, with just a few beautiful sunny days sprinkled in to give us hope, and a chance to potter in the garden.
The pitcher plant is a stunner.


I do enjoy the long shots very much. Of course your macros are among the best on the web in my humble opinion. I think that pitcher plant is way cool. I've been tempted to try them but haven't. Too much work I think. P.S. The Culvers root is doing great. My clivia did not bloom this year. How ironic is that? Maybe next year. I remember yours bloomed? Hopefully better than last year.


I like your "long" shots a lot. They offer a perspective that closeups can't. Your gardens are fabulous with lots of interesting things to look at. I know what you mean about finding the physical fortitude to implement all the ideas swimming around in your head. ME TOO. I have that pitcher plant too and it's a dandy.


I love the long shots of your garden Kathleen, your new bed shows great potential. :) Of course I love your macros too. lol ;)


Hi Kathleen, Closeups are great, but it is also nice to see the long views as well. Your arbor is a really nice edition to the garden. The new bed is also coming along nicely. I love the little bee keep- I have always wanted one of those. The pitcher plant is a really interesting addition to the pond. The mix of colors in the one plant are really nice.

wayside gardens

Awesome post,thank you.

Jan@Thanks for today.

So pretty, Kathleen. I love your little pond;-)


You have such a fantastic garden Kathleen! One day I will have one. One day.


Kathleen, It all looks wonderful~Really! Boy oh boy doesn't that just about say it all!
I feel honored that I have seen your fantastic garden in person. xxoogail PS I was taken with your description~"financial and physical fortitude"!

Sherry Wright

Amazing as always!! I'm always so inspired looking at your photos/yard.

Good luck with all the changes, can't wait to see. We're doing a bit of the same here & boy am I sore. :)

Dora Reece

Your plant looks like a jack-in-the-pulpit. We had them in CT years ago.

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