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May 11, 2011


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It is looking so great! I can tell you've put a lot of thought into the design. As hard as the work is, it does feel so good to know you did it yourself. You'll have fun planting this summer. Our weather has been so cool still, I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever have two days over 60 degrees in a row ever.
I can't believe how big your fish have gotten! I think one of our koi was close to that big before the heron got it. I hope yours stay safe.


Wow, you are busy. It's really shaping up nicely. I agree about the winter garden -- I need to do the same thing!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Wow what an undertaking! My back hurts just thinking about all that! I like blue in the garden, think that would be a good choice for painting the raised container.
Butterball is a funny name for such a cute pup!


How exciting Kathleen! I know you've been wanting to make a change for some time now! You've inspired me to get my garden clothes on and get out there and improve my path to the door with a few evergreen shrubs! gail


It is so much fun to start new gardening projects. It is looking good Kathleen. I know how it is to do just as much as the back allows one. It really pays to listen to it.

Shady Gardener

Kathleen - you truly are my "soul sister." (I do all my work alone, too.) My, you are creating a wonderfully interesting space! Hang in there and know I'm thinking of you! :-)


Hi Kathleen, Butterball- what a cute name for a dog! Your makeover/garden renovations are looking great. I like the curved bed. I can't offer advice on the color of the raised planter without knowing the house color. Blue sounds great, if it looks appropriate with the house. What ever you do I am certain will be nice--you have great taste, I am sure of it!


All your hard work this spring has paid off Kathleen, it looks great! I like the idea of blue or maybe a shade of purple for that raised container. :)


You have been quite busy and doing it alone! I too am a lone gardener and do similar chores when changing it up. You garden helper, Butterball, is a cutie.


What a fantastic project Kathleen - you've got lots going on! Great idea about the evergreens - will be wonderful to see them in all there beautiful color once winter sets in.


Good luck with your projects, Kathleen. You're right about evergreens. They have their time to "shine" in the winter when everything else is covered with snow or looks like a skeleton. I enjoy the inspiration from other bloggers like you. I love to see before and after photos, so take lots of pictures O.K.?

Anna Flowergardengirl

First thing I thought was it is so you---the boxwoods are old fashioned and the stacked stone adds lots of character. I like the weeping pussy willow and very interesting rose pillar. I think you've done a grand job. Anna


Oh Kathleen - it's beautiful and I can't wait to see it. I love what you've done and your backyard actually looks bigger than I remember it. I know how hard it is to do these projects and it seems never ending, but once it's done you will enjoy it for years to come. Can't wait to see future pics. Glad you are enjoying the lights - they look great there!


The new bed looks great. Garden work is the best reason to be absent from blogging imho!

Northern Shade

Your new garden project is looking good. I agree that some winter greenery can perk up a garden, and remind you that there really is a garden out there, when everything else has died back.


I think blue would be a great color choice for that raised bed.
It's pleasant to make changes, isn't it? I overhauled one of our beds this spring. It really needed it.

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