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May 23, 2011


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Alice Golden

oh, those are just stunning Kathleen! Do they need supports? I've been thinking that I need to add some of these to my garden, but not sure they would survive the troop of boys that is usually out there playing whiffle ball :)


Don't you just love digital photography? I was out macro-lensing in the garden too. You've got some great shots there. I love them.


Your alliums are just so pretty Kathleen. Seeing yours last year inspired me to plant some in the fall and I was so pleased with the Purple Sensation's this spring that I plan to plant more in the fall. I had stuck a couple in my Woodland garden to test out and I was thrilled that they did so well in the shade. Definitely going to be more added there this fall. See what you started girl. lOL!


What a gorgeous Allium, must add that to my wish list. I have so many types of Alliums already, always on the lookout for more... ;)


I have a few of the Allium sphaerocephalon, but I'd like to get more of the larger drumstick Alliums. They make great cut flowers!



Janet, The Queen of Seaford

ok, that does it! I am putting in a bunch of allium in the fall. Just beatiful!

Jan@Thanks for today.

Your Globemaster is gorgeous, both as it is just beginning to bud AND in full bloom! You know, I just planted a few bulbs last year...and am now seeing the results for the first time ever. I planted about 4 plants, but the squirrels played with the markers during the winter and the plants have been popping up in unexpected places. One of them had only the foliage come up, with no flower. Another one has bloomed and is almost finished (I did get photos!). Another is in bud right now and just about ready to pop. And the 4th is really tiny, a pink one, and I didn't even know it was an allium until I did some research to figure it out. I'll have to add them to a post soon. Yes, I want more, too;-) I'm not even sure if I have the Globemaster, as the tags not only got moved but some got lost, as well. I do want to get a really big, full one to add at some point.


Your Alliums are gorgeous! Beautiful photos too. I don't have any alliums but Garlic Chives and I really should add more.

Ramona/The Garden Explorer

Beautiful alliums, Kathleen, but I love purple flowers! I planted only three last fall but I've enjoyed them this spring! I'll definately plant more this fall.


Hi Kathleen, I am "green" with envy. I so wish I had a macro lens! Your shots are all just terrific. I also agree that alliums are really beautiful. I find they are an indispensable bridge between fading tulips and perennial flowers.


I've already made myself a note that I MUST plant some more alliums this fall! Yours are gorgeous!


Kathleen, My apologies. I wrote my new blog address down for selected people hoping I got all my beloved "regulars" but I missed some. Thank you for finding me again. Your comments made my day. :)


Great shots! I do love our alliums. We also have the minis which bloom later in the summer.

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