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April 10, 2011


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Christine @ The Gardening Blog

i love your Hellebores reeping through on the first photo !


You know I am wishy washy with my blog too. The beauty of blogging is that it really must be for us and if we don't wish to post then that is truly okay. Folks will be happy whenever you post. Don't make yourself do it if you don't want to. Think of it as your own personal journey and others will come along if they like but really it must be for us. I enjoy seeing your garden whenever you post. It is most lovely and I can only imagine it in person. P.S. I'm pretty sure my Culver's root is coming up! And my bleeding hearts are just about three weeks ahead of yours.


I'm sporadic with posting too. I always love your posts and just keep an eye for your new ones to show up on my blogroll. Just post when you feel like it or have time.
Your closeups are so pretty. I'm going to add more Frittilaria this fall after having such good luck with them. I can't wait to see what yours look like opened, they are such neat flowers. My Bleeding Hearts are at about the same stage as yours, a full month behind in blooming already.


I've been feeling some similar feelings, especially as the "real" gardening starts and I get ready for my daughter's graduation. But I agree with Tina and Catherine. Blog when you want to. I know I'll check back based on your blogroll. I always enjoy visiting your blog.


Kathleen, I hear you! There's just so many hours in the day and it can't all go toward blogging! Even if it's fun and we get to spend time with gardens and the gardeners. xxoogail


I love the image of the Fritillaria. Can't believe your bleeding hearts are almost ready to open!


I am in love with Mt Hood & Lemon Glow. So pretty! I love Ice Follies too, it's a keeper in my garden. Don't worry so much about the blog, I'm in the same dilemma too, but not ready to give it up quite yet. :)


Oh how pretty Kathleen. I always liked the Mount Hood daffodils and their white blooms. The Lemon Glow is gorgeous. It is so wonderful to see blooms in the garden again.


My posting has tapered off too, but I mostly blame the lack of blooms! Once I get more flowers peeking out over the summer, I'm sure I'll post more. But real life always comes first!


Beautiful images!
I started blogging to keep a record for myself and stumbled into the community of garden bloggers by chance. I try to post regularly as I would try to write in a diary regularly but try not to chastise myself if I don't have time. Sometimes that means three posts a week and sometimes only three a month. I do have fun joining in linky parties!

Shady Gardener

Kathleen... can you be "lulling" more than me?? I can hardly stand to be anywhere indoors for very long these days... esp. when the weather has been so wonderful! I continue with my leaf raking. Hopefully tomorrow I attack the yard itself! ha.


So worth waiting for ... your images, Kathleen, superb! (Your pure white daff captured my heart!) I hear you on blogging ... so tempted to take a long break, especially now with the gift of spring. There are only so many hours in a day and the garden calls ... so appreciate each bloggers offerings. Thank you. It's a delight to connect :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

seems I didn't bring one of the white daffodils with me from Virginia, so now I HAVE to get a Mt. Hood. thanks!
Wonderful array of spring blooms and yes, I am envious of that gorgeous Paph!


Very nice pics. I'm impressed that you know the names of your daffodils. :-)
I suspect many of us go through the blog issue of feeling the need of some down time. You'll figure it out.


Kasey I use blogger and like to follow anonymously ~ that way whenever a new post is published it comes up on my blogroll.

I love blogging but it is really time-consuming. The beauty of it is that blogger (which most people use) makes it easy to keep track of blogs no matter what format they use. So your readers (blogspot users anyway) should have no trouble with sporadic posts.

As always, beautiful photos! If I were you I'd post when and if I felt like it. Your fans will be here. :)

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