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February 02, 2011


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Eliza @ Appalachian Feet

I think it is so cool that your bees checked out the tulips you put outside! I feel tempted to try that when my hive gets active on warm days.

Shady Gardener

Your tulips are indicative of nicer, balmier weather! Hang in there, Kathleen! :-)


That is cold! I always find it amazing how much your temperatures vary there. Here even on our milder days it doesn't warm that much from our coldest.
For how cold it is there I'm amazed at the bees, I haven't see any yet even when the sun has been out.
The orchid is beautiful!

Nancy Bond

So beautiful! Those orchid blooms look like richest cream. Gorgeous!


Your orchid is so pretty. I love all the curves and lines of the petals.
I can't get over the temp differences for you from Friday to today. stay warm!!!


The shallow DoF in the last photo is perfect! (Our high tomorrow will be 8F and we just got 18 inches of snow - I am tired of winter.)


Everyone will be so glad to get this fickle winter behind them. I would much rather look at the white on your orchid. It is so lovely Kathleen.The white bloom look so delicate. I hope you and the honeybees will be able to be out again soon.


There's an extreme weather and then there's extreme weather ~ you have experienced an unbelievable swing in temperature. I remember when you put flowers out for the bees last year. They look so happy to see the tulips!


Great photos! But at least it's February. Spring is not that far off. We will prevail!

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