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January 31, 2011


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Kate @ Gardening and Gardens

Some good tips here about orchids - thanks! I have never had much luck... or rather, I'm usually too afraid to try to keep them and get them to rebloom. Although, reading some of these blogs, I think I need to give them another try. They might not be as hard as I think!


Well, my Cattleya has a little bit of ribbing...guess it needs more water. I was so overly worried about over-watering, that I guess I have under watered. I don't have any flower stems ---so I don't have that problem --if I ever do, I certainly won't cut the stem!!!


Hi Kathleen,
I had a few orchids once upon a time, but none more recently. One of these days, I would like to give it a go and when I do, I will try to remember these very helpful hints.


I too made your first mistake. But my cats did not do it, I did. It took the next orchid with little buds that made the light bulb go off.

Shady Gardener

Thank you for your tips, Kathleen. I remember being ecstatic last Winter when my Phalo grew three new "arms" on an old blossom stem. However, after blooming so very much, my plant may have died from exhaustion! It didn't even finish blooming... it dropped the last few buds.

However, I may have added to the problem, thinking it needed a little more strength to continue it's blooming... and watered it a tiny bit more...

It's a "steep" learning curve, but I appreciate your comments. I haven't given up, that's for sure! :-)


Thanks for the tips! I'm sorry I cut off my stem now. But also now I'll be more patient with my orchid and wait until its leaves grow longer before expecting any more blooms.

Karin/Southern Meadows

Great post! I too have struggled growing orchids. Everyone says they are so easy to grow but I only got mine to bloom (other than when I bought them) last year. Love your orchid pots!


I didn't know any of these things, so one day when I buy an orchid I'll know. Especially about not cutting off the flower stems.

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