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January 20, 2011


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We are free of snow for now, though the weather people are calling for some more winter stuff this weekend into Monday...and I live in the south. Hard to believe. I was just getting ready to go out and do a little light pruning.
ps- your orchid is GORGEOUS!


Kathleem, those pictures are gorgeous.

I'm happier if I can get outside too, especially if I can work in the garden. And Especially if the sun is out. Cold, gray, rainy days take away all of my initiative, even though I still have to go outside and take care of the horses. I know that no one likes days like those, but I think I am affected more than most, which bugs me -- but it is so.

I can feel your pain a little bit with regard to the snow -- we had ice with our last storm and it seemed to stay around forever! Tried to be careful but went down more than once anyway. Gene too.


The answer is a loud yes. January seems to be the longest dragged out month. LOL!


Kathleen, I understand your "blues." I am never so glad when January ends! Is that terrible feeling that way? Nay! I'm not a native of Utah either. I grew up in Louisiana, so we were beginning to experience spring weather in February. Every fall I have to give myself a little pep talk to tell myself that yes I can make it through another winter. For me, it's not necessarily the cold, but the duration of the winter that makes me crazy! I've decided that I need to be a "snowbird" and fly south for the winter.


We don't have snow here in North Florida. January is just wet and cold...when the sun doesn't shine for a couple of days we get really grumpy. Your inside blooms lifted my spirits, thanks.

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, One can expect winter weather (snow and cold) for a couple of months here, yet.

Feeding the birds and having sunshine (even falling snow) are highlights! :-)

Beautiful flower photos. ONE of my crazy amaryllis (do you remember their laziness last year until I threatened them with the compost pile?) has decided to grow on its own. I set them all in the light of the patio door. Compost pile for sure this year if they don't perform! (The bulbs are now Huge, though...) ha.

Kylee from Our Little Acre

I'm trying all the usual tricks to help myself get through the winter, but they're not working. :-( This seems to be an especially depressing winter, for some reason. Last year was fabulous - the best winter I can remember in decades, but not so this year. Spring just can't come fast enough as far as I'm concerned!

But we'll make it, as we always do. Hang in there! I'll do the same!

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