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January 23, 2011


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We haven't had the large numbers of Redwinged Blackbirds here, but in Virginia we sure did. I am not sure when that was...will have to check last year's postings.
Pink tulips are pretty but that Amaryllis is stunning.


Blackbirds have been flocking everywhere this year for some reason. Don't know what it means but all the wildlife experts here say it is normal so not to worry. Can't believe tulips are in stores already! I was working in my garden (most snow melted-yeah!) today and saw no sign of tulips but daffys are everywhere. So excited for spring!@

Chanel J12

Adversity toughens him as well as wounding him.I'm a strong believer in strong personalities and strong opinions


Crossing my fingers the Blackbirds are a sign of Spring. I bought a forced Hyacinth and some Tete-a-tetes for the kitchen window sill to hold me over til the real ones start blooming.


Those cupcakes look and sound delicious. And here's hoping for an early spring.

Karin/Southern Meadows

I am getting black birds in my yard the hundreds sometimes. They seem to chase the other birds away so I keep shooing them away and yet they keep coming back. I hope you are right that they are a sign spring is just around the corner! Your cupcake looks scrumptious and I love the amaryllis; it looks like a candy cane.


I'm a fan of Cupcake Wars too! Your cupcakes sound delicious. The Amaryllis looks delicious too. The red streaking is divine.

You asked about the vireo nest ~ I believe vireos will use the same nest for more than one brood, but not year to year. The nests are probably too delicate, especially after winter weather.


What pretty tulips! Oh, I love watching those cupcake war shows. I never heard of so many different kinds.I bet yours was as yummy as it looks. I like to watch those cake challenges too.


A cup cake would be nice with my morning coffee- they look delicious! It is too bad about the hawk killing birds in your yard. I alway admire them in the sky , but if they were praying on the songbirds in my yard, like you, I'd be looking for ways to make it move on!


Kathleen, pink tulips are one of my absolute favorite flowers! Glad you brought them home. As for those black birds, some birds can be sooo annoying! Hope they move on their way soon.


What a gorgeous amaryllis! And that cupcake looks pretty good, too:) I haven't seen any blackbirds in my yard yet, but let's hope they are indeed a sign that spring is on its way soon.


We occasionally see Redwings here during the winter. Some don't migrate if they can find enough food. Let's hope they're a sign of an early spring!!
I hope your hawk moves on. Poor birdies!
Those cupcakes look so delicious and the flavor combo sounds devine.
Your gorgeous pink tulips are making me wish I lived closer to one of our local grocery stores that has a wonderful floral section. I need more color! :)

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