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January 03, 2011


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The amaryllis is beautiful.
It is very sad that the beautiful hawk got caught in the chicken wire.
A few winters ago, a deer that was hit by a passing car came running in my direction. I was shoveling the driveway at the time and looked up to see this poor, frantic and mortally injured creature coming towards me. I have no idea why it choose to come to me. Perhaps it was because I was the only other living creature in the area. Before I could do anything to assist the deer, it ran off into the brush. The terrified look on its face haunts me still. As someone who loves even the simplest creatures, I understand why you posted the death of the hawk. Tragedy is easier to deal with when it is shared.


Very nice on the amaryllis. I had a couple bloom this year, one was great, the other not so great. But their blooms are always welcome.
Don't worry about the kestrel. Shit happens.


The Kestral photos were not gory, don't give it a second thought. It was sad.
Yes, I love your Amaryllis photos. My new header pic is my Amaryllis.


The Kestrel pictures were sad but accidents happen. Death is always difficult to see and accept.

The Amaryllis is beautiful. I hope you are feeling better.


Kathleen your Amaryllis Clown is beautiful. I'm glad it helped to soothe your tattered soul. I'm like you and need to 'toughen up' sometimes. We had a deer (probably a yearling) die in one of our flowerbeds a couple of years ago and it took me the longest time to quit seeing the poor little thing in my mind. I also thought maybe I should of fed him since we had so much snow that year. Heck, I thought I was being nice letting them eat our shrubs that were evergreen and not chasing them off. I swore if we ever get that much snow I'll slide down our hill and find someplace to buy food for them.

Eliza @ Appalachian Feet

Oh! I feel so sorry for you -- that kestral incident is horrifying. Maybe you could tie things on the chicken wire or weave something through it to make it more visible. It was probably a freak occurrence though, I doubt it would happen twice.

I love that amaryllis -- so glad it helped cheer you up.


Hi Kathleen, enjoyed your amaryllis 'Clown'. I'm still waiting patiently for my 'Apple Blossom' to open. An interesting sidenote, my husband and I were sitting in our living room last summer. We were admiring a hummingbird, when it flew right into our window and died sad, but accidents happen.


Can you believe I have started a single amaryllis yet this winter? I hope I can still find them around. Yours is fabulous, as usual.


I had missed the post on the Kestrel, that was very sad. I found a hummingbird a year or so ago that hit our window and died. I felt so guilty even though I knew it wasn't my fault.
The Amaryllis is very pretty. I think you are the "Amaryllis Whisperer" :) The new one I bought surprised us with a bloom yesterday, my 4 year old was the one to notice. My pictures aren't as nice as yours, but I'll post one soon.


These are beautiful images of the amarylis and the kestrel image is now a thing of the past. But it is nature and unfortunately these things occur. I posted a news clip on the Falls that was questionable, but was seen all over the country when it happened. Life takes the good with the bad.

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