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October 23, 2010


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Wow fall has arrived in your garden for sure. Love all the delicious things you have to eat too! ;)


The first photo is really, really special. I love that white bark of the Aspen and juxtaposed with the fence and the informal Viburnum--just gorgeous. I've been picking raspberries too.


We love love love Fuji apples! Love the reds of the viburnum and the Virginia Creeper. I am truly jealous of your raspberries, how wonderful!


They look yummy Kathleen! So does the bee on dahlia and butterfly who posed so prettily for you~ I am glad you are having a long autumn~gail


Great photos ... your part of the world is looking fabulous at this time of year. Love all the colours in the garden ... the photo at the top shows a terrific spot!


Oh man! Lucky you to have a neighbor to be so generous and with one of the best tasting apples out there!


Sounds like you're having a wonderful fall there. The scarlet color of the Nannyberry is amazing. I love the second shot with its muted chocolate tones.


It sure does look beautiful now. The apples look so perfect, I don't see any worm holes in them - lucky!
I forgot to mention that I do hope you visit when your brother moves. He's only about 40 minutes of so north of us.
BTW I think you wanted some Pink poppy seeds, am I remembering right? If you do, will you email your address to me, it's on my blog.

Northern Shade

Wow, the Viburnum and aspen are working hard for you in that first photo. The gold, red and white make a great combo.

You are fortunate to still have raspberries. Mine were finished in August. Are yours a late variety or long producing?


PS The iris picture was earlier this spring. The daylily is mine but the iris alas are not, although I wish they were! They were in the garden of a pair of twin sisters in Chapel Hill. Their garden is famous locally and the fame is well-deserved. One thing that warmed my heart is there is a lot of Jesse's Song iris (one of my favorites and a prolific spreader) in their garden too!


I cannot believe you still are getting raspberries! So many gorgeous images. The depth of field in the photo of the apples is superb.


Kathleen girl how gorgeous can it get !
I am in love with your first picture with the viburnum and aspen what a fantastic combination and so beautiful all year long I bet !
Yes .. the weather has been mild but we are stuck in rain days and I need to finish cleaning my garden art and putting it away ..eeekk !
I have to decorate our front step for Halloween too !! another EEEKKK !!
Joy : )

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