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September 10, 2010


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I love those glass balls!


I love the pond floats. The fish like to follow them around here too when I push the floats away from the edges.
Amazing that you have Amaryllis blooming now!

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, Yes that's a beautiful float... and yes, your temporary photos are gorgeous... and yes, just go ahead and whine if your amaryllis don't bloom this coming Winter. After all, I whined last Winter... they only bloomed because of the threat of ending up in the Compost pile! ha. :-) Happy Fall... (did I really say that?)


Love the pictures-anything with water captivates me. About amaryllis-I've kept mine over the summer but need to put them into dormancy now if I want blooms in the winter. Not had much luck in the past even when following directions. Tips? Like you, I need real flowers in the winter on occasion so I do buy them for an emotional lift. Have been enjoying your blog and pictures for awhile. Thanks


Hi Jane! Thanks for your nice comment. I rarely have Amaryllis bloom out of season ~ so I'm not sure why it's happening this year? I usually put them outdoors each summer, fertilize the heck out of them (meaning almost every single day) then before the first frost I cut the foliage off, re-pot in new potting soil and place in my dark basement until I see signs of life. We'll see what happens this year! Good luck with yours.

Boccone claire

De magnifiques photos!Bravo!
AmitiƩs de France:CLAIRE

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, Do you have the little Glory Lily tubers? If not, would you like me to send you a couple?


Beautiful - so glad you got the floats! Love the pics in the birdbath. You are so creative!


You do create the most intriquing vignettes for your photos. I love those glass balls too. :)

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