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July 22, 2010


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Shady Gardener

Nice job there, Kathleen. Just another reason for me to place Photoshop back on my wish list! :-) If YOU have troubles with a pot arrangement, just think of ME! lol.

Noelle / azplantlady

I am with you about the heat....actually today, it was quite nice, but I have not ventured out into the garden much lately. Sometimes my photos do not fully capture the beauty of what I see, so I am thankful of being able to touch them up from time to time to reflect how I see them :-)

Jordan AJF8

Sometimes, I pride myself on this beautiful garden.


Clematis must like leaner soil. I grew one in a big pot with an Austin rose one year. Beautiful but hard to maintain overwinter. HOw much fertilizer do you give your container plants. I'm always afraid of burning so I don't think I give mine enough.

Photoshop really made your photo pop. Photoshop is my favorite toy. Lately I've been playing with some of the Topaz filters. Love them! If you haven't tried any, they have a free 30 day trial on all of them.


There's still plenty of time to experiment with containers! I had the same result with a clematis that's still waiting to be planted. I picked off the affected leaves and now that I'm not feeding it as often it seems to be doing better. I was giving it a light dose of fertilizer mixed into water with each watering (1 tsp. per gal), but maybe even that was more than it likes. Or perhaps the heat was too much for it.
I too love Photoshop but yes, playing and tweaking uses up a lot of time, which is rather scarce during these busy summer days while the daylight gives us more time outside.
We're getting some good rain this morning and the plants are singing :)
As usual I've loved seeing your beautiful photos and catching up with you.
I chased a black swallowtail around just recently. They don't slow down much :)
Your painted lady shot is gorgeous!
Yes, I do feed suet all year 'round. The beef suet from the supermarket is great for the woodpeckers. The sparrows do eat the seeded cakes I put out, but they leave the fresh suet alone. The starlings and grackles are a bother sometimes but, thankfully, they're mostly staying away at the moment.
Happy summer days to you!


P.S. I love your Picasso petunia. I tried to find it here and couldn't. It looks beautiful with Joseph's Coat.


You did a great pairing with Joseph's Coat & Picasso Petunias, sorry that the rest isn't working out for you. Love how you showed the before & after photoshopped pics of that Lobelia. So cool what you can do with pictures now huh? ;)


I think you are amazing to find the time and energy to change your pots! Can you send some energy my way please? The photoshopped pictures sure does look brighter.


I do enjoy seeing your garden. I've got loads of photos to process too and no time - we are busy every weekend through Labor Day.

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