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June 23, 2010


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I'm crazy for Adirondacks and even crazier for the spring green color you'd painted yours. I love that seating arrangement and think you should replicate it with new chairs. You're making me want to go repaint mine right this second.


I prefer the old Adirondack chairs too but don't pay much attention to my judgment. I have this thing about old vs new.

You don't see many of the old Adirondack chairs here, out of style, just too expensive or not very comfortable, I'm not sure which. I have three in the barn collecting dust that need to be lugged out and painted.


Your garden is very pretty and what a pretty view from the street. I have to agree I love the green adirondack chairs. That color really pops out. Your foxtail lilies are very pretty!


I like the green you did the chairs too. It just pops and looks very comfortable with the flower colors. Love your 'Cleopatra' foxtail lilies. You always do the right thing! LOL


I agree - adirondack chairs look the best. Sorry to hear they are falling apart.

Those foxtail lilies are gorgeous - I will have to copy you on those too.....and you can never have too many containers. Your gardens are stunning!

Northern Shade

I can see you had fun being creative with the containers. Each one is unique, but they all go together well. Is that Cyperus in the one by the window? I used to grow it as a houseplant, and kept the pot in a saucer of water. Your front sitting area is very private with the plantings all around.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

I have to agree with everyone else, love the chairs, but especially love the colour!


I miss the bright green of your chairs in that spot too. Hope you break down and replace them. :) That clump of Cleopatra is gorgeous, so jealous!

Anna Flowergardengirl

I love the lime green and it would look good anywhere. You probably need more so you can have them in both places. Your flowers are looking mighty good.

Nancy Bond

I think your garden is lovely no matter what seating arrangements you choose, but I really DO love those chairs. :) I also just fell in love with your orange foxgloves!


Cleopatra shows up well from the street photo too. Your garden is lovely. I'm leaning toward something more informal than the table and chairs. They probably belong out back. Love the Adironaks.


P.S. The containers are not too much. I figured you'd like that gate-found three at a flea market and they work well in the veggie garden.


I'm also in agreement with the pretty green chairs. What a pretty front garden!

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