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June 09, 2010


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I loved the tour. It's fun to see the wider angle as well as the close ups. I like the birdcage on the column, you are so creative.
I've barely been on the computer the last few days, the sun was actually out! :) Your garden sure looks happy whether it's behind or not.
PS I love the new glass floats.


Letting the vine drape sounds like an ingenious idea. I have no idea if it will work but it will be fun trying. Let us know how it goes. Everything is very very pretty.


Your photos are never a bore.

First, love the back door grouping. Perfect. The little step ladder is really cute. I have two old ladders but both are too tall.

The front door will look wonderful when the mandevilla begins to trail down that expanse of post. The roses look lovely. Your birds will be dining in an elegant setting.

The side gate would look better with some color. I suppose there is too much shade to put a vine on the fence. One or two colorful pots would brighten the area.

Noelle / azplantlady

Oh, I just love your roses up high like that. I would probably do the same to be able to see them from my window :-)

I am interested in seeing what your vine does. Many plants exhibit 'gravitropism' which means that they grow in response to gravity (usually against it). I wonder if your vine has this trait or not? Please let us know the outcome :-)

Shady Gardener

Looks Great over here, Kathleen! Yes, I agree that I can visualize you working in that one little spot! :-) I just posted a link to you!!

Northern Shade

Your house colour is great for displaying plants against. Yes, I think a pot on top of the step ladder in the side garden would look great. It would nice against the neutral wall and above the greenery. Your shade bed looks lush, and I like the pottery in it.

Nancy Bond

Your property is spectacular, Kathleen! It's really nice to see "the whole picture" too, to get a better idea of how your garden world is laid out. Love it.


I never get bored looking at your pics - and believe me is even more incredible that the photos show. I love the pillar on the front porch - and I think the vine going down will be great. And yes to a container by the gate and color on the little ladder! You always inspire me!


Kathleen, I love all your vignettes and the long view peak! Yes, color on the little ladder would be nice....would it be too much to stain/paint the column on the porch a bit darker but in the same family as the house color or door? I love the path and gravel. gail


It would take me years to get my garden looking like yours. Just gorgeous!


Please, more peaks! Beautiful gardens, Kathleen. I hope you'll post more as the season progresses.


What a wonderful tour, I don't think I've ever seen your garden this way. Just bits and pieces at a time I think. Yep I think a container on that top step is just the ticket! :)

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