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May 12, 2010


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Oh Kathleen, I can't even imagine snow!! We were so hot today, lots of humidity.
Glad you got some mealworms for the birdies.....everyone needs a container of worms in the fridge!

Nancy Bond

Say it ain't so! Ah well, poor man's fertilizer as some call it around here. :) Your clematis is gorgeous, all the prettier with those droplets of melted snow on them. :)


Oh my god, you're so precious! I love that you bought mealworms for the birds.


Oh Kathleen, I'm so sorry you are getting snow. That's just awful! It's cold and rainy here today, but no frost. We are pretty whiny about it too, complaining that it's mid-May a nd we have the heat on, and blankets around our shoulders. What a let down it has been from our hot sunny trip to Florida!


Mother Nature is surely playing tricks on you!

Christine B.

You're positive you don't live in Alaska? Actually, we're not even having snowstorms at the moment....

Christine in Alaska

Northern Shade

It's hard to be tolerant of the snow in May, talk about outstaying your welcome. The only small compensation is that it usually melts quickly, but not if you are getting more tonight. Our big dump last week melted in 4 days, and there was a lot less damage than I expected.

You're very thoughtful to get the mealworms for the birds. Who would know that they had such a sweet tooth?

Hope that you and the orioles get some warm weather soon.

Noelle / azplantlady

Oh, I am sorry it is snowing....but it looks so beautiful!


Snow in May? That is unreal to me. We had a bad thunderstorm here all night with lots of much needed rain. All my rainbarrels are full again. Yay! Glad to see your Clematis 'Josephine' is such a trouper. :)

Hilary Kanwischer

OMG...Snow in May??? Well if it were me, I'd be jumping for joy! We've been in the 90's for a couple of weeks and I'm over it already. Your photos are sooooo gorgeous, and I completely understand why you would'nt want snow right now. Send it here!! :) Hope the sun comes out and warms things up for you. :)


Okay, this has to be the last snow. At least your garden still doesn't seem to mind. Your 'Josephine' looks so good, mine is looking iffy again. I hope it at least gives me a couple of blooms.
No wonder the Orioles keep coming back with such special treatment.


Your orioles must have a sweet tooth. I have my jelly out, hoping to attract an oriole or cat bird this year.

Miserable weather. We haven't had any snow but we had frost over the weekend. At this rate, I'll never get my annuals planted.

We've had five inches of rain in the last two days. If it was just a little colder, imagine how much snow that would be:)

Jan (Thanks For Today)

I checked the forecast and read that your weather will be improving next week...into the 70's (at least that's what I read!). I am so sorry about the snow...I can't even imagine it at this point! I am so OVER it too! It would be even stranger if it snowed here in VA at this point in time;-) Hang in there Kathleen, things are going to look up;-) It's been very chilly here for the past week...into the 30's at night and staying in the high 40's in the days. Weird! Especially after we had high 90's weather and then a strethch of great weather in the 70's!! I am so glad you have that gorgeous bird to look at and how nice it is that he likes jelly!

Sweet Bay

I'm sorry that you're getting snow this late. It's small consolation, but that's a wonderful picture of your lilac in the snow, and even more wonderful pictures of the Oriole and Clematis. Kudos for getting mealworms even if the birds did stick with the sweets.

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