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May 03, 2010


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Hi Kathleen. You Camassia picture is so pretty. Things are filling in in your beds. I hope you get all warm weather now. The Baby tears are just right for the Fairy garden. Looks terrific. There is just something about pictures of ferns unfurling that look so pretty. I cannot resist taking them either.


I bought a bunch of annuals weeks ago and have been holding them out, afraid of a late frost. One more week and into the garden they will go.

I had a pretty bottle I used for a terrarium some years back. I was determined to grow moss. Tried and tried and it always died. In fact, didn't have much success with anything. I believe my problem was light, never enough.


Our weather has been terrible too. It's 10 degrees below normal here and has been cool and rainy for the last two weeks. My tomato plants are taking over the kitchen because it's too cold to put them out. Despite the poor gardening weather things still seem to be growing outside.
I love your terrarium. I actually just cleaned mine up a little this morning.
Hope the weather improves!


Our weather has been rather changeable too.One day we are wearing tee shirts, the next we are all bundled up in a jacket. Soon, we will be complaining about the heat.(grin)


Such a pretty terrarium. Don't worry about your mojo, it's going to come quick enough once the sun shines reliably. Your front garden looks awesome already!

Noelle / azplantlady

I love the differing greens and textures in your front garden. I think it is human nature to get impatient with Mother Nature, don't you?


Well, Kathleen with rain sleet and snow, it's no wonder you lost your umph! But one day the sun will shine the temps will be perfect and the garden will call your name. :) In the meantime, the terrarium looks great(and no snow!)

Sweet Bay

I wouldn't be working in the garden either, with the kind of weather you're getting!

That terrarium is cute as all get out.

Northern Shade

I like the tightly curled fiddleheads of the new ferns, each containing perfect little fronds. It's just as well that mine are still waiting to come up, since we're supposed to have some snow tonight.

Your mini garden in the terrarium looks great.

Shady Gardener

Looks great over there, Kathleen!!! Your first photo is FULL of beautiful items. :-) I love the little terrarium - very cute!


Hi Kathleen, Trying again to see if it will accept me. Tried to leave a message yesterday but it rejected me again. Hmmm I'm starting to get a complex here with all this rejection!
Anyway just wanted to tell you how great your flowers look and how sweet is that fairy garden. My hands are so clunky I don't think I could do that - have hard time tying little knots - you know little bows or thread in needles?


Love the old bed headboard in the garden. One of these days....! The closeup of the Camassia is gorgeous. Not familiar with it but I like its bud.


Love the image of the Camassia bud and the DoF in that fern unfurling photo is gorgeous!


May is such a fickle-weather month. This year is no exception. I'm definitely ready for June. Nice photos!


Those Camassia buds are interesting. I've tried growing those with not much success. :)

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