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May 26, 2010


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So much to look forward to in your garden this month Kathleen. The Irises, Clemmies and all those gorgeous containers you put together each spring. :)


Kathleen girl ! How are you : )
We have had quite a few wasps here too, plus those rotten aphids have declared war in my garden .. yuck ! .. things are out of wack because of this weird weather .. we broke records yesterday for the month of May with heat and humidity .. and I was out during the worst hours working in the garden of course ? LOL
I love your patio area with the pots and wheel barrow .. my neighbor has one like that too !
I have a bell shaped clematis that is not doing a darn thing .. I think it is mad at me for some reason ? haha
I got a credit from Vesey for the Passion Flower failure so I bought JP Connell explorer rose to make up for it, with the credit .. hope that pans out .. and .. I bought an annual Passion Flower for husband .. he loves those plants .. so what can you do eh ?
Back to work girl ! haha
Joy : )


Morning Kathleen, love that black iris! Our irises didn't do well at all this year, guess they need divided?
We have both Josephine and Multi-Blue in the Learning Garden....great full blooms!


Hi Kathleen, everything looks fantastic. The iris are at their peak here too. I was feeling so smug because the iris and peonies are both blooming with no horrible storms predicted. Turns out iris melt in the 90+ heat and look just as bad as they do after a storm. Oh well...

I have Multi Blue and it's been kind of an underachiever for me. Is that Josephine you have pictured? Wow, I like it.

Sweet Bay

See, this is one of the great things about blogging. My iris are done but yours have started, so the season is extended. In my perfect world iris would bloom all of the time.

I love the rosey black iris, that's a real beauty, although I have to say I love your neighbor's iris too! Your Clematis are gorgeous and I love the view of your garden with the chairs in the background.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

So many beautiful things happening in your garden. I bought C. integrefolia last summer, and this year I finally got two blooms on it. Next year will be a better showing, I hope more like yours.~~Dee


Yikes on the yellow jacket but wow on the picture!


Just loving the shots of the clematis and the yellow iris!


The irises are so pretty, love the black one. I wish they lasted longer too. I wish my 'Josephine' would see yours and see what she should be doing. I'm going to attempt to make a little tuteur for mine to grow on in the front garden. Integrefolia is just beautiful, I don't have any quite like that one.
Yellow jackets get bad here around August, but if our cold wet weather keeps up we may not see any this year.


Kathleen, your clematis is to die for! and that dark iris too... Did I tell you already that you are a great photographer? Your pictures are not pictures, they are images!

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