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May 04, 2010


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Nope, just looking at all of the containers that need planted in! And all the plants that need planting. LOL And all of the weeds that need pulling so I can plant the plants that need planting! And after saying all that I'm too tired to do any of it!
That is a really cute arrangement you did in the basket - love the basket by the way.
Hope the winds slow down for ya.


Very sweet! I love the basket and the sweet colors.

Noelle / azplantlady

I just love the yellow and blue flowers together. What a beautiful contrast. I do hope the winds have died down by now :-)

Alice Golden

love this!! I am so behind in my garden this year... haven't even started my usual seeds!! I'm hoping to rope some helpers into a big Mother's Day clean up :)


That's a pretty one Kathleen. No containers for me yet, but only because I'm not home! When I return from vacation, it will be time for the summer annuals.

Northern Shade

The old fashioned violas really suit the simple metal container, and the blue lobelia is a great colour combo. It looks nice already, before the lobelia has even started cascading.


Loevly old basket and perfect for a planter. I think you made a wise choice in not adding to the sides. You want to show off the wire as much as possible.

I found a blue basket at GoodWill the other day that I am going to line and plant for a birthday gift. She loves gardening and blue! Just haven't decided what to put in it yet.

Sweet Bay

Beautiful container! Your winds sound like one of our hurricane remnants with no rain. When Fran came through in '96 we had sustained winds of around 70 mph with gusts up to 100, all night. A lot of trees came down because we had a 10"+ rain surplus on top of the 10" we got from Fran.


That is some scary wind. Wind in the 30's here makes me nervous with all of the trees. It sure seems like there is some weird weather going on in the country now.
Your basket is so cute! I really need to put more thought into my containers so they look pretty like yours.


I certainly don't have your talent for design. That is a really cute arrangement.

It's been seriously windy here too but nothing like 80 mph. I don't think we'd have a tree standing after a couple days of that abuse. At 50mph the branches start to come down on power lines all over. I went into a Walgreens drug store (thought it was odd that the electric doors were standing open) only to find it was closed for the day because a tree fell on their electric lines.

I'm rambling, anyway, love the basket. Maybe I'll find something and send you a photo. You can tell me what to put in it and where:)


Beautiful baskets of blooms! :)

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