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March 03, 2010


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I love this story and the photos are beautiful~Kathleen, you brought needed sunshine to my day. Thank you so very much~gail

Sweet Bay

Beautiful pictures Kathleen! I'm sure the bees appreciated the tulips and didn't care where they came from!

I think it was good that you brought out the tulips. The bees around here come out and feed all during the winter whenever it warms into the 50's.


Way cool photos Kathleen!!! Those poor little bees were so thrilled to have your tulips, so very glad you brought them out.
You can send some of that warm weather our way!


Hi Kathleen~~ The honeys the bumbles, the masons... all bees make me happy. You've got some fantastic photos there. And the PINK tulips, ooh, la, la!


Kathleen girl those are fantastic pictures ! I think they may tell all the other bees to visit you too for a free meal : )
Love those tulips .. like Grace said .. PINK : ) has to make you smile ? LOL

Alice Golden

wow - those are amazing pics of the bees! my boys loved them! hoping for sunshine here - today we woke up to another dusting of snow...


That was sweet of you to bring flowers to bees. Otherwise they would have been very disappointed. Bee keepers feed bees sugar water in very, very shallow plates (maybe with stones for landing). I wonder if they would make due with that until something blooms.


That's really neat that the bees found those tulips like that. What great pictures! So glad your weather is warming! Don't be surprised if you see lots of string algae in your pond now. This time of year it can get bad. As the temps warm more and more there's less of it though.


Glad to hear you are getting some warmer temps. Those honey bees were loving the tulips. Beautiful pictures and so nice of you to share your tulips with the bees. ;-)

Shady Gardener

Oh, my. I'm just going to be content to keep waiting... ;-) Your photos are fantastic - and your header photo is perfect. Have a great day, Kathleen!


That is just the most amazing thing, ever, Kathleen! Just fabulous shots, I can here the wings buzzing. I did't realize they would go to cut flowers. Of course we never have any cut flowers with our plant eating cat, but this is just too wonderful for words. So is 54 degrees! :-)


Warmth? You had warmth? Lucky you! We had plenty of sunshine, and it was just warm enough to melt the snow. But I wouldn't call it true warmth, that's for sure. How clever of you to bring your tulips out for the bees! Not even snowdrops here, still waiting for the snow to recede. Slowly but surely!


Those are the coolest pictures!


What a wonderful idea! The bees were obviously very grateful. How in the world do you get such wonderful closeups?
Wish could pick your brain about photography. You have such skill with your camera.
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.
Those Eranthus closeups with the bee are fantastic!

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