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March 22, 2010


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He is just adorable and the bird is beautiful. Bob had heard of a Killdeer, I hadn't. I thought the pictures were great!

Noelle (azplantlady)

I always rejoice whenever I see a Killdeer. I would sometimes see them on the golf courses I worked on. How wonderful that you can enjoy the native wildlife for at least a little while.


I have never seen a prairie dog but I do have killdeer in the fields around me.

I hope they never complete the development around you. I may face a similar situation. A developer here told me before the economy went into tailspin that I really better think about moving. He told me that late one night on a lonely lane leading to my farm. He wanted the property and he wanted me gone but he worded it in such a way that I couldn't file a complaint.

Shady Gardener

I've seen prairie dogs, but never lived near them. We do have killdeer. Your photos are wonderful!

I hope to be posting about a beautiful red fox that was in my backyard last week... :-)

Happy Spring, Kathleen!


I've seen neither of these amazing critters...It will be different if the development starts up again~Let's cross fingers that it won't! gail


We have killdeer around here. Also lots of quail. It's interesting, the wildlife that can adjust to human interference, and those that can't.

Sweet Bay

No Prairie Dogs here, but Killdeer do live in the neighborhood above our farm and occasionally come down here to feed. I've see their young before and they're so cute -- they look like they're dressed in little tuxedos.


How cool! I'd love to see prairie dogs and killdeer. My sister lives a mile from us, but close to a greenbelt and they see coyote and foxes occasionally in their neighborhood. I hope the land near year isn't developed for a long time so you can continue to enjoy the wildlife and so they don't get kicked out of their homes.


Forgive me. It's been so long since I've been to your blog.

We live near a stymied development too. I blame it on the economy. Oh, blessed economy! LOL The city planners approve all these single family dwellings without improving the roads or schools and it just pisses me off. So I'm happy when developers have to sweat a little bit. Call me evil.

Your photos are amazing. We have killdeer in these parts. In fact several years ago Costco waited to develop the land for their store until a nest of killdeer eggs hatched and left the premises. Then the city and Costco named the access street Killdeer Avenue. It's kind of an endearing story.

Love your prairie dog photo. Now here's an animal I've never seen in person.

Nancy Anderson

Kathleen, I just love your pictures. Isn't it nice to see signs a=of spring after this particularly snowy winter?? Here's a link to my new blog.


We do have Kildeers and groundhogs (we call them woodchucks) as neighbors! I was just watching the kildeers flying over the creek in the pasture by the house this morning. I love to hear their cry and yes, those baby chicks are so funny :)

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