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March 02, 2010


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We had the most fun participating in the GBBC too~


Isn't it fun to see who all the feathered visitors were? I really enjoy doing the count.

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, Your photos are just wonderful! :-) I'm glad you were able to participate!

Amy/GoAway, I'm Gardening!

Great photos! I have a hard time taking photos of birds. I had a cardinal peeking around the feeder looking at me the other day....:/ Never could get his photo.

Kylee from Our Little Acre

Wow, Kathleen! You had so many different kinds of birds! What is that in the first picture? It's beautiful!

I added your link to my post and thank you for the link love in yours! :-)


You did great counting all four days! Great shots too, even if they are old.


You did good. You can borrow my saying - I'm a little late but I get there eventually. LOL
I can't participate because we still have very few birds. Juncos, Robins, Stellars Jays is about it. Not very interesting with so few.
Your pictures are great as always!


Great job with these shots and with the bird counting endeavor. I have never photographed a bird before!

Sweet Bay

I especially like the first picture. That's gorgeous, although all are beautiful. The second would also make a wonderful print or card. Very occasionally we see White-Crowned Sparrows here, although usually we see White-Throated. It looks like you're standing right over him. :)


Kathleen girl no matter when those pictures were taken they are amazing !!
I'm not a huge bird watcher but Goldfinches do make us happy here .. who couldn't love those bright little creatures ?
Hey .. I am so curious to see how our passionflower vines are going to feel about Spring ? Fingers crossed !!
PS .. Your header picture is gorgeous girl !


Love your new header and your bird photos are great.

Haven't seen any spring migrators yet. I need to start feeding millet again to attract some of the sparrows. Last year I had many types of sparrows including my favorites the song sparrows and the fox sparrows.


You had a good variety of birds. So many people saw Goldfinches this year, it seems like they spend the winter in colder and snowier places. When I do see them it's always in the summer.
I hope the Robin was there as a sign Spring is on it's way there.

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