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March 13, 2010


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I can groan right with you today Kathleen. LOL! But like you said it is a good soreness. I raked and cleaned the beds and yard. Got the pump fountain and the pump set back up after hard winter winds blew it over.It feels good to be back outdoors in the gardens again with the sun on your back and face.If you do not freckle that is ;-)
Have a wonderful weekend.


I am envious. You had such fun in the garden yesterday and we had rain. And more rain today. But your berm looks great and you will enjoy the new planting area.


I'm sure it will look great when it's done. I'm jealous! I wanted to work out in the yard so bad today, but it rained all day. Of course it was sunny and warm all week while I was working!


You did a great job Kathleen and it will look wonderful with all the plantings you have in mind : )
Happy Birthday to your daughter girl ! LOL
Enjoy that birthday cake you worked more than that off with the labor .. I so know how that feels but like you said it is a "good" sore to handle : )


I have been MIA for more than a day....getting the house ready for sale...interviewing realtors, having house inspectors look around, appraisers, etc. Making me crazy.
I love your new area and can't imagine moving all that stone, good for you!


What a great project! It's always great to create new planting space. Those edging stones do get heavy, lugging them around is always the worst part. Now the fun will be choosing the plants.
Happy birthday to your daughter! We just celebrated my husband's yesterday.


I have a space like that too. Under my lilacs along the drive. I've been building it up gradually over the years and last year put some wildflowers and hostas in.

I like those stones. They give it a very finished look.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

It looks great. Thanks for coming by my blog. Nice to know you're back again. :) Keep on gardening. ~~Dee


You've been busy...It looks great and is getting the approval of your sweet pooch. gail


Oh, I think you have made very good use of this area. You are a smart girl to get out and exercise this way. Soreness yes, but what a sense of accomplishment. It looks great and will be ready for you to plant after it 'rests'.

I did a little catching up here and wanted you to know I do like the finials on your raised bed... as well as the obelisk structure... it will be pretty with the peas twining through it.
Happy (almost) spring.

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