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February 03, 2010


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Amy/GoAway, I'm Gardening!

I enjoyed your post. I was just thinking about having a photo enlarged to hang up in our living room. I have so many photos that I might as well us them. I was trying to find a place to enlarge them. Do you know of a good place to enlarge photos?


I like your little gallery. You have a nice mix of size and design. I've see similar ideas in decorator magazines. I saw one photographer do something similar. He took an ornate molding about 4 feet long and hung it horizontally on the wall. Using that as a base set enlarged and framed photos (all framed alike and sized alike) on top of the molding. Like a shelf but not...

Myself, I haven't done much. Always meant to hang the very old family photos but haven't yet. I do have a lot of paintings hung so it may be difficult to incorporate the photos among them.

Sweet Bay

I have thought about framing some photos, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet. One of my husband's relatives had a book bound of her mountain photographs and that's a possibility too. So far I've used photos for calendars that go into my husband's exam rooms and office. I think I made about 15 this year (for all of the doctors and their exam rooms), many with different photosgraphs for each month.

Have you framed the picture of the Scilla? That is beautiful. I really like the display you've hung on your wall too.


Hi Kathleen~~ I have a lot of photos taken when my kids were little. The garden photos, I'm afraid are much less dramatic. I've got them on a jump disc in a drawer. I like your ideas, though. Maybe when inspiration strikes I'll remember your idea. Your wall looks great.

How strange about the cabinet hinge. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Talk about drama!


What a nice display of your photos. I bet they bring a smile to your face each time you see them. I would do something like this if I had any wall space. Sadly it is all taken up with mirrors, oil paintings, collectible plates and family photos. And most all bring a smile to my face. I guess if I want to look at my garden photos I go to the blog or to my pictures software (Easyshare). I do enjoy looking back but it is not always the same as framing them and hanging them. What a great idea for a post. It is interesting to see what others do with their pictures. Tatyana made a calender with hers. That was a good idea too.

P.S. I found my little vases at Rural King. Complete with a hyacinth bulb for only $1.25 per. Unfortunately the bulbs were all old so only a few are growing but I do love those vases. Thanks so much for the offer.


It's a great idea to hang some up where you can enjoy them every day. I've made some photos into notecards for gifts, and I've put others into a single frame with 3 or 4 matted photo places. I like Pottery Barn's horizontal white frame with white mat for that treatment, but black frame/white mat is classic too.


You have so many beautiful photos you'll have a hard time just picking some to hang. I was thinking about printing some of mine and hanging them. I've also wondered if others used their photos other places beside their blog or photo albums.
Maybe the garden fairies sneaked in and broke your hinge to get you to the garden dept? :)

I didn't find a black double hellebore at the nursery but I have seen them online. I hope you can find one!

Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen, Your hinge just Broke? In the Night? Crazy! However, I love that you were able to find such treats at the store.

As far as photos... I'm hopelessly boring. I need to change that! ha. (I always want to paint my flowers... do you think I give myself time??) Hopefully sometime before long!!

Your arrangement is great, though. Keep it up and keep us posted!


Kathleen, I've done nothing with them! Shame on me...I think I will take the best of this year and get them printed, framed and displayed...I do have the perfect spot. Speaking of perfect spots~Your display is delightful. I love the art pieces with the photos.

I have serious Big Box Store envy~~ours never have choice plants. The one a few miles away has onion starts and really sick looking bareroot shrubs in plastic packages. Forgive the whine and envy;)



Sounds like a perfect day, plant fix and a household fix and a project done!

Jan (Thanks For Today)

You sound like me...go out for something and get pulled in by other ideas;-) But you did get your cabinet fixed so good for you. Your photos are amazing so you are smart to frame them! I haven't even printed a single one out yet to see, separate from my computer screen! I know I should, because there are a couple, I'm sure, that are worthy. I just don't know where I would place them since I have enough stuff on my walls! I've been thinking about trying to make some cards, someday! Need to look into that, for sure;-) Any suggestions for programs to use?


I *love* Lowes, and haven't been there for a few weeks. I'll be there soon, you can bet. Bulbs, seeds, plants, magazines, the place makes me swoon!

Alice Golden

Gorgeous!! thanks for the warning... my wallet and I will have to stay away from Lowes for awhile ;)

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