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February 24, 2010


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I have had that happen too, also had years where they didn't bloom at all. Someone last year had an answer out there in the blogosphere...darned if I can remember who is was. (or even why it bloomed like that) I do have a book on clivias, will look and see what I can find out.


I know why!! I don't normally grow tropicals but I was given a clivia a few years ago. I recently (as in the last month) bought a book called "Tempting Tropicals" by Ellen Zachos. She mentions clivia a few times but what I found out from her was clivias need a rest period and need a few months of 40 degree temperatures and a bit of dormancy before January and February when they normally will come into bloom. She says, "If your clivia flowers, but the bloom is compressed between the leaves of the plant, you are not letting it get cold enough during its rest period." That is it! I have since moved mine to an unheated room and even though it is not blooming this year, I have hopes it will next year since I now know how to care for it. Try it next year as it is too late this year. You can Google her book too. A very good book on plants as I was surprised to find I have quite a few (think houseplants and brugs and the clivias). Anyhow, hope it helps.


Glad you got some info - I have no clue at all about clivias.


Thank you so much Tina! I knew someone would have an answer. Maybe I do need that book! I'll have to think about where I can store it other than my basement (during that cooling period) because that's my coolest spot. It would freeze in the garage. I'm SO glad to know what happened, hopefully I can prevent it next year. I really appreciate the help and I hope yours blooms!

Thanks to you too Janet for offering to look it up in your book.
and to you Victoria for your support!! :-)


Thank you for the visit...drop by anytime...


Glad I could help. I am guessing that if it does not get a resting period it doesn't have the energy to grow a stalk? Mine won't bloom:( No resting period for it this year either. Maybe next year. It can go down to 40 degrees. I just wish I'd known it last year. It's a good book too. I think I paid $4 at a used book store and it is hardback. I love that store almost as much as I love plant stores.


I know nothing about growing these flowers but these shots are beautiful!


Isn't it great how someone always can help with these types of questions?!
I think I remember you posting about this the first time it happened.


Kathleen, I had that happen to mine last year (so disappointing!) but this year it had a proper stalk with 13 beautiful blooms, just beginning to open for January bloom day. I did a post with lots of pics just after that.
I kept it in a shady spot on the porch during the summer and fed it. In fall I put it upstairs in a cool bedroom (it's about 55 to 69ยบ I'd guess) and let it stay fairly dry for a while. When the bloom stalk appeared in January I began watering it regularly. I got lucky this time!

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