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February 04, 2010


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Noelle (azplantlady)

Wow....I can't believe you were able to get so close. Obviously, he did not view you as a threat ;^) I love the pattern the feathers make on his breast - so beautiful. You are so talented in making cards....I for one, just go to Hallmark, but would love a more personal option.

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, Yes - it would be nice if that poppy were blooming now... however, it won't be tooo terribly long. ;-)

What an incredible narrative about the Sharp-shinned hawk. He really is striking. Perhaps he was attention-starved? (Everyone else flees in his presence!) ha! I do love the whisky feathers.


The beak makes him look fierce but to get to within 5 feet is incredible! Maybe he is a softie after all?

Sweet Bay

Fierce but beautiful too. I guess he wanted his picture to be on the internet. :)

Beautiful birthday card as well!


I am very impressed with that close-up--wow!!
your cards are always super duper!!

Jan (Thanks For Today)

Wow, Kathleen, your photo is amazing-it's beyond amazing! All of my bird photos are taken from inside the house, usually from the kitchen window. I think I would be very nervous getting that close to a hawk...afraid he'd come after me! You did a wonderful job and he cooperated for you, which was so thoughtful of him;-) As for the cards, I probably won't get into cardmaking like YOU do...that's TOO professional for me! I think its more that I want to print them out into card form. I hadn't thought about adding embellishments, etc...but that would be a nice addition. I don't think I could get close to the kind of work you do, though;-) Thanks for your nice comment!

Jan (Thanks For Today)

oh, and yes--I do see the talon tucked up underneath his feathers, but I didn't until you explained where it was!


I think I would've been a little nervous to get that close, he doesn't look afraid of anything. Great pictures!
I love the birthday card!


My god Kathleen those are amazing pictures girl ! .. I have noticed that too about the one leg thing .. even in smaller non hunting birds.
That is such a gorgeous card you made : ) love it !
Joy : )

Amy/GoAway, I'm Gardening!

I really like your blog... very creative! Thanks for the info about photo enlargement.


Lovely pictures like allways. Have a nice weekend./Gela


I'm having trouble with our local hawk too. I come home from work and the feeders are still full. Not good. That means the hawk has been hanging around all day. He can't grab a bird off a feeder and he can't swoop under the pine (where I throw millet) to get one. Unfortunately the birds don't know his limitations and are starving while he out waits them. Nature is cruel.


Kathleen, did you know you won a book at Tatyana's blog? My Secret Garden?


I remember now why I didn't see your message to Tatyana. She didn't post it. Ha! Glad you knew.

erin terrell clarkson

Thank you for the beautiful card!! Love it and love the poppy photography on it. I'm wishing for a little bit of springtime here, too--even though I haven't seen a flake of snow all winter.
The hawk photos are amazing!!!!!!! I would love to see that in my yard. Are they scary? I've always thought they were beautiful (but I've never been within 5 feet of one in the wild). Those and owls--my two favorites. :o)
Hugs e

erin terrell clarkson

PS: I had to giggle bc I thought the 'keep the dog or keep the husband' card was intended for me at first. lol ;o)


Truly remarkable photos, Kathleen! What a thrill that he let you get so close! He's such a handsome fellow (or maybe a lady?), but yes, we'd most definitely rather they hunted elsewhere :)
We saw one on our bird tray last week and have seen several hanging around lately.
The card is adorable :)
I hope your Clivia blooms for you some day soon! I'm glad you share my excitement in these winter blooms. Your orchids are such beauties and that purple tube flower....oh My!!! It's glorious! Your photos are amazing.

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