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January 13, 2010


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Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen! I should have had a photo such as this for my poem! ;-) I'm sorry you have to deal with fellows such as this, but you really got some great photos!

Jackie (Ellie Mae's Cottage)

Amazing photos and amazing birds... even if it's a bit of nuisance to have to keep removing the bird feeders.


He's a handsome fellow. I know they must eat, but I can't help wishing they would eat somewhere else and not at my feeders.

I've found a way to feed that protects my little birds. I put the food on the ground under a spruce that has full limbs all the way to the ground. Around the perimeter of the tree I put one of those cheap two foot tall garden wire fences. Mr Red Tail can't get in there, anyway not quickly enough to catch a bird.


Excellent photos! An ID tip for you on these birds. Sharp-shinned have square tails and Cooper's Hawks have rounded tails, best to tell this in flight.


That last picture really does show his ferocious look! Too bad he didn't move on when you took the feeders down. Great pictures!


You've got some kind of talent, Kathleen. Photographing birds is so not easy. And to depict such a beautiful [albeit mean] hawk is a hats off to you.


Wow, Kathleen! Gorgeous photos. You indeed captured his beauty and his ferociousness.


Great shots Kathleen!! I enjoy seeing the raptors (as long as they leave the birds alone) they are an impressive type of bird.


Beautiful shots~Kathleen...Such magnificent birds. At C&L the Bluejays screech their warning, then it's quiet and finally we see the hawk's silhouette as it flies above. Nature is incredible. gail


I think it was you who gave the tip on how to tell the difference between a monarch and viceroy? Now you've gone and given us another great tip! Wonderful shots! They have to eat too I suppose:(

Sweet Bay

Great pictures! He does indeed look very keen and predatory in these pictures. This site describes more difference between Cooper's and Sharp Shins:

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