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January 15, 2010


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Noelle (azplantlady)

I love that you are still using your Christmas china :-)

I love looking through seed catalogs and am also thinking of harvesting some of the seeds from the plants in my garden to give to others.


It'll be spring at in your special packages when they arrive. Ordering is so much fun, the tea a bonus:)


The last photo is fabulous...and I would so love to be having tea with you and discussing our plans for our garden! gail


Hi Katherine~~ Although I live in Zone 8, starting seeds too early is an erroneous decision for me too. I've found that starting perennials from seed in July for planting out the following spring is more successful than late winter sowing. Still, no big epiphanies. I'll be interested to see what you're growing. Perhaps I'll get some ideas.


Kathleen, what a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I got the urge way to early last year and had plants get very leggy on me before it was fit to plant them outdoors. So This year I am making myself wait, but oh it's fun to plan. :)


Kathleen I wish I could have been there for your tea/ordering party. That would have been fun. I already feel like I'm at a party with ya going through all these card patterns online and your name keeps popping up. ;-)
I lost my favorite Dahlia too - Raspberry Ripple or was it Blueberry dang my brain is slush anymore. OMG It's Blackberry Ripple. How could I ever have forgotten that? Well anyway I didn't get mine reordered cause the lady that sells them is a poop so I'll get it somewhere else this year. LOL


Kathleen I wish I had some of those cookies girl ! ... and .. I still have decorations up in the kitchen .. I can't quite make myself take them down yet.
I have sworn not to buy too many seeds this year .. now I wonder how well I will stick to that plan ? .. the monster vine lays in wait for the slightest encouragement .. I'm sure your Maypop does too !! LOL

jodi (bloomingwriter)

Lovely china should be always used whenever the mood hits, shouldn't it? Far too many of us 'save' things for occasions and never get to really enjoy the pleasure of the items.
The more posts I read, the more inclined I am to join in the seeding festival, but it's too early. I need to decide what I'd like to seed this year, though, and order a few things. Just a few, you know.

Helen at Toronto Gardens

That dahlia is a winner and your photo of it is really lovely. I can't think seeds this year -- it's a tree year. But I admire all the catalogophiles who are reading and writing about it right now. It's a vicarious thrill.


That is a pleasant way to pass some time and relax. I can spend hours looking through different seed catalogs on a dark evening.
I will be glad when the days get longer ;-) I noticed your verbena packet. Does it stand up well or does it droop? I have been wanting to try some but it may pay to ask someone who has it first.


part of the fun of gardening is the anticipation and dreaming....looks like your dreams are in full gear.


Now that's my idea of a perfect morning. Hot tea, cookies and seed catalogs. It doesn't get any better! This weekend I'll spend some more time drooling over mine. I'm saving up my "found" money to buy a cement birdbath and a heater. My birdbath is a stone mosaic with metal legs, and I'm afraid to use a heater in it.

Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen, I'm thinking I should start some more seeds... but again, maybe not this year. However - I'd love a cup of tea! :-)

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