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January 22, 2010


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WoW you do have a great brother. You're right how lucky can one girl get. LOL Enjoy!!!


You are spoiled, Kathleen. LOL Kudos to your brother for his thoughtfulness. I look forward to more photos.


How great is that ! an orchid from all that way and still looking so fresh. I adore Orchids.


Okay, this is just tooooo much! You are going to have a real collection before you know it. Doomed to the addiction already. I am so jealous! :-)

Sweet Bay

Wow, you have a great brother! :)


What a thoughtful brother! Do you think he saw your blog post about your orchid or does he just have great taste?! :)

Shady Gardener

Wow!! Is this a happy birthday gift?? (I don't have a brother in Hawaii... suppose he'd adopt me??) ha. Congratulations, Kathleen. We'll watch for future posts. :-)


What a great gift! I love its leaves too.
Wonderful brother!


Does he want any more sisters? I could get used to having orchids delivered to me!! ;-)


Butterball is so cute and photo 2 is such a great capture. Finding a paph in the mail would be ecstasy. Kudos to your brother.

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