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January 12, 2010


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Nancy Bond

Bonus! That's a real bargain. And the plants look so colourful and springlike. :)


Good eye, Kathleen~~ You hit the mega jackpot, for sure. Today is only the 12th of January. Potted up, I'm sure they'll perform beautifully this spring. I love that weeping pussy willow idea.

Thank you for the your flattering comments on my blog. Darla just mentioned to me that she's got plenty of seed. Maybe if you're really nice.... :) Containers--a girl's best accessory...may I quote you on that? I LOVE IT. So true.


WoW what a steal - I see the price tag says $9.99. Ya done good!!! When we first bought this place almost 20 years ago I must have bought and planted a 100 or 200 can't remember seems like it was 200 tulip bulbs and planted them and come spring only a handful bloomed. I'm sure it's because we have so many critters around here and they had a feast. I never planted any again but now getting into containers for bulbs so I can have some spring color.
Good going Kathleen, sure wish I'd find a sale like that today when I go into town.


What a fantastic buy!! Good for you. You'll have so many pretty flowers to enjoy from that selection!
I bought my bulbs last fall like most people. Can barely remember now what they are. Surprise, surprise come spring! :-)

Shady Gardener

What a great idea, Kathleen. Now... where to find those bulbs?? It'll be fun to see what happens at your house!


You did good:) I hope they grow well for you.

It was very strange here last fall. Usually there are spring bulbs for sale in every store. Even grocery stores have a selection. Not this year. There was a bulb shortage. Disappointing.

Nell Jean

What fun! I bought summer bulbs today. A gardener just can't have too many bulbs, ever.


I didn't know you could refrigerate and plant in spring, glad to learn something new!
You found some great bulbs!


I love bargins! good for you. I also can't remember where (or what) is planted in some areas. It is a surprise!


Yes! Good price and let us know how they work out. I think they'll do fine.

Nancy Bond

Thanks for the link to your snowy post, Kathleen! I'll add it to the rest today. And thanks for participating!


Good luck with those bargain bulbs, Kathleen, you got some good ones too! I love that country gardens container. We see those weeping willows for sale here and always wonder about them. If you can put that together, you deserve a prize! And standing ovation. :-)

Sweet Bay

Yes, you need to go back and get more! :) Prices don't get any better than that.

I agree about planting in the spring -- blooming may be delayed for a year, but it's so much easier to see where to put them without disturbing anything else.

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