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January 26, 2010


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Thanks for showing this, Kathleen, you did great! We started small and knew nothing at all with our first house. We planted stuff, but didn't have a clue, buying annuals with the criteria, oh that's pretty. Then my husband bought me a book about gardening, with NO pictures! It was the beginning of real gardening, learning about plants and what they liked and didn't like. Not design, but a good start. :-)


Truthfully, a person is almost better off starting with an empty pallet like you did. I've always had homes where the 'bones' (mature trees, sidewalks, driveways) were already in. It's hard to remake a garden in a yard with 3 huge sugar maples and a blue spruce already established. Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Noelle (azplantlady)

I love the first garden I created at our old house and it hurt when I returned to see it all ripped out. But, I did learn a lot from that experience that I brought to my current garden. Your before and after photos are amazing - what a difference 6 years made...


I am imaging a blank canvas~sigh~What a great job you did~ Regarding the purple stain! I found it at Lowes! It's Olympic Deck Stain~Purple Velvet. They mixed the color. I sansed a tiny bit and slapped the stain on the chairs...they will fade, but that's ok! gail


I guess we all sort of learn the same way don't we Frances. I did much the same except for reading a book with no pictures. :-)

I think you're right Marnie.

Isn't that sad, Noelle? Same thing happened to me. I was so bummed ~ all that hard work, gone. Poof.

Thanks Gail!! I will head to Lowes this spring and see if they can mix me a bright green stain. Appreciate the info especially considering your time limitations these days.


Hi Kathleen~~ I've learned so much through hands-on gardening. Digging and hauling are places that book-knowledge often can't go. You've got a stunning transformation. I love this.


I love how full of color the after is, that's my type of garden!
Where we live now is still my first real garden other than renting which I don't really count.
I still like going back and looking at the befores of this garden.


Simply wonderful in only six short years. I am like you wishing to see shrubs and trees I planted to maturity. Some have in older houses where I lived, the gardens, no, they are gone. I love before and after photos.


Kathleen this is a great question .. for the first time in my life we are staying put in one spot and now after 10 years I have been able to start re-constructing the garden and general landscaping .. YES !! less and less grass is happening and that is a good thing for all gardens right ? LOL .. although men seem to need a patch of grass for some reason ? haha

Sweet Bay

Wonderful before and after pictures! I love all of the different colors and textures. Beautiful.

When we moved to the farm 13 years ago is when I really started my first garden. We lived in a rental house in PA for 3 years where I gardened, but in the forefront of my mind was always the idea that we'd be moving soon.

My grandfather was a passionate gardener, and I always loved plants, but it's different when you finally have your own place. I learned a lot from hiking and seeing all of the wildflowers in PA, and in seeing the displays at the NC Botanical Garden. Also there's some books I wouldn't be without -- Dirr's Manual among others. I love good garden reference books.

I'm all about reducing the grass too! We have so much mowing every summer.


Nice before and after shots. Yeah, hubbie started the garden and I jumped in and said, "Let's DO it!!!".
That's how I usually do things; head first.

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