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October 19, 2009


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Kathleen, I am so glad she is recovering. How scary it must have been for you. I had read that this flu was especially bad for kids, but thought that meant little ones. Thank you for letting us know, hugs to you, Gail

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, I'm so sorry I didn't know about this earlier... I'd have had her on my prayer list for sure!! However, it's wonderful that she's home and recouperating normally again. Hugs to you!


That's terrifying, Kathleen. I'm glad to know your daughter is through the worst of it and on the way to recovery. My daughter caught the H1N1 virus a week and a half ago too, but luckily she had a very mild case.

Sweet Bay

That must have been so stressful and scary. I so glad to hear that your daughter is at home and recuperating now.

Sweet Bay

sorry, of course I meant to add I am glad..


How frightening for you! I pray that she will continue to recover and be well soon.

Tyra in Vaxholm

Dear Kathleen I so glad to here that she is getting better and that she is home with the family. It is a dreadful flu and that young people get it bad is even worse.xoxo Tyra

Alice Golden

oh Kathleen - I am so glad your daughter is better - how incredibly scary - can't imagine... you will both be in my prayers - xo Alice


Kathleen, I just heard on the morning show how dangerous it is when a child begins to recover from H1N1 and then takes a turn for the worse. I'm so glad she recovered completely. Hope you don't come down with it now.

The Brugmansia is lovely. I see symbols in things like that too.


You lived our fears with this flu virus. It is so scary. I am so glad your daughter is home and on the upswing. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Love the bloom of your Brug --what a wonderful welcome home.


Oh dear, best wishes for a quick and FULL recovery to your daughter. So sorry.


Katheleen that must have been so scary. I can't imagine what you and her must have been going through. I'm glad she's on her way to recovery.

Nancy Anderson

Oh wow! What you described is the textbook description of the way H1N1 progresses. I haven't run across a case yet but whenever a student comes into the nurses office with URI symptoms and fever, we have to put a face mask on them and us( nurses) and then have them escorted to an isloation room to wait for their parents to come pick them up from school. So glad Janae is on the road to recovery!


Miss Kathleen, I am so glad your daughter is recovering. How scary We are just now seeing H1N1 here please know I am sending lots of prayers of recovery to you and yours. And I can send some sun shine for today it is almost as beautiful as your Brugmansia bloom. hugs, Cherry


I'm so sorry she was so ill, but grateful she is finally on the road to recovery!


oh kathleen i'm so sorry. we just got back from seeing chris' dad in the hospital with a very severe case of pneumonia. we weren't sure he'd pull through and although he is better, he is still not out of the woods. pneumonia is so frightening.

hugs to you and janae!

Nicole Anderson

Kathleen, I feel so horrible that I missed out on praying for you and her. I have been dealing with some of my own health issues due to my surgery and (non)recovery, so I haven't been hopping around. Just fulfilling my minimums of my DT's as best as I could. I am so glad to see that she's on the mend and that you had such great support at home!!

Again, sincerest apologies, wish I had been there for you, even in spirit! Hugs, Nicole


I was wondering where you were Kathleen. Sorry to hear your daughter has been so ill, but glad she is on the mend. Take care. :)

Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

Dear Kathleen, I am horrified for what your daughter has been through, and for what you had to go through with her. Oh my heavens. How on earth are we to know that it's H1N1 when they first come down with the flu? The Dr's don't even want kids to go into the office, they say get rest, take tylenol, drink fluids, etc. Now how can anyone really know what to do until it's practically too late? It is so scary, and I am so sorry you've been through all of this!Thank God she is going to be alright. You both will be in my prayers. I know I don't visit much anymore because I just can't seem to get around and have time to do everything else! I just happened to see a note from Anna & had to hop over here immediately! My son & I already got the H1N1 vaccine, but my 21 yr old daughter refuses to get it! She's in college and in the high risk group as well. It really does concern me a lot. I hope she will be completely better now.

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