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October 28, 2009


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Dear Kathleen, I am so glad your daughter seems to be on the mend. How very scary! Your drastically cold temps are scary too, but of course not in the same serious way as your child's flu. But it is the paph bud that is so exciting to me. I can't wait to see it, and am sure you will get it to bloom. The Paphs are so easy and rewarding. I have left all of the non-paphs outside, except the catts came in. The paphs are small and always bloom. Your pots of amaryllis look so cute, just like that even. :-)


Love your makeshift plant stand and that exotic amaryllis is a must have. You have me beat with all that snow and I will give you a bit of sympathy. Glad to hear your daughter is on the mend.


kathleen, Unbelievable weather! I totally recall the beautiful amaryllis...I think you were responsible for my buying my first ever one last Christmas~~Apple Blossom! I know nothing about any of them...and eagerly look forward to learning along with you! So glad your daughter is getting better...gail

Alice Golden

10 - 20"!!! wow... please don't send it our way, okay? Love the plants in the bathroom - looks like something Martha would love too :)


Good morning Kathleen, I love the stepladder in the bathroom with all your plants on it. Great solution.
Hoping your daughter continues to be on the mend. Your impending snow fall will keep everyone in for a little while.
Your amaryllis are gorgeous! I don't usually have them inside, but those two you shared just may make me change my mind!


You have my sympathies regarding the snow. I have to overwinter my amaryllis at the office. My cats will not leave indoor plants alone. Those are lovely blooms. Mine are very common varieties, Apple Blossom and the red (name escapes me). Good luck with your prima donnas;)


I like how the ladder looks with your plants on it. I might turn part of our bedroom into a greenhouse, great idea! I planted my first amaryllis this week and am going to look for a couple more to try.
Sorry to hear about all the snow.

Shady Gardener

Hi Kathleen, I'm thinking that you are going to have a fun Winter, what with the bulbs, etc. that you've shown us. What is the prognosis for your daughter's recovery time? Is she gaining strength, etc? Prayers and hugs. SG


I think the makeshift plantstands from vintage stepladders are cute! At least you have somewhere in your house that is convenient, the best place in my house is my son's room. He's not going for it, lol. ;)

Sweet Bay

10 to 20" of snow before Halloween?! Ooo, that is cruel. Here's hoping the weatherman is being overzealous in his predictions.

I love the stepladders. They make great plant stands. Continued best wishes to your daughter!


You make the bathroom greenhouse looks simply splendid with your beautiful photography. Of course the lovely plants help too. Won't be long before the amarylis are all blooming again. Hard to believe how quickly time flies!

Wildlife Gardener

I love to read of someone else who is good at improvising :)

What a great idea using your ladder..great pics of your are going to reap the benefits from all your efforts :)


Thanks for sharing such interesting plants. I didn't know amaryllis grew as anything other than the few basic varieties that are everywhere this time of year.

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