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October 08, 2009


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It is hard to believe it is snowing already. Keep it there please:) Those spider lillies are most slow to get started but each year should increase. it is hard to spot them for some reason. I had one bloom here and mine have been growing in the ground for more than 4 years and this is the first bloom ever so I know your excitement.


Wow, snow already!

As beautiful as it is, I'm not so sure how thrilled I would be to see some already...


My father has had his lilies return for many years. We are on the border of zones 4/5. They must be hardier than some folks think.

That nasty white stuff is coming our way. Supposed to have a mixture of snow and rain this weekend. Lovely.


This is the second blog I've seen today with snow!
I bet your neighbor was surprised to hear about naked ladies in your garden, that's funny :) They are really pretty, glad the were worth the money!


It's a bad dream Kathleen! It's important that we all support each other in our seasonal denial!

The lycoris is beautiful and the 'naked ladies' story is wonderful.



Surprises! We need to learn from those young bloggers who wrote about recording each and every plant which they put in their gardens. ...Do we need to? I am lazy, I'd rather have surprises! But snow is a bad surprise!

Sweet Bay

Tina, you took the words right out off of my keyboard! lol I was going to write those exact same words: Wow, snow already?!

How nice the Lycoris bloomed for you. I see those in places around here where houses used to be, as well as in lots of yards.


The Lycoris is very pretty - what a nice fall surprise! Oh brrrrrr not a nice surprise although I do love to watch it fall! I even like to go for a nice safe SLOW drive when it's really heavy cause ya get dizzy watching it come down on the windshield! hehehe ok I know grow up!


Hi Kathleen, way to go with the Lycoris! It is a beautiful flower and your shots are great, sun or no. You must be thrilled about it. Ours did not bloom, planted last fall, and now the foliage is showing. Better luck next year for us, and great luck for you! :-)
Frances, no snow, not yet!


Hi Kathleen,
I thought about you when I heard it was snowing in CO. You were having snow and we were having record breaking 2 weeks straight 90's in the day and still 80's at night.

Surprises like that Lycoris would make any gardener happy... very pretty. Just say the word "naked" to a man and well... you know. Funny neighbor story. ha.

Hope you're able to make snow angels at least!
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel


Snow already? Say it isn't so! Ha, I loved that your neighbor got excited about the prospect of the 'Naked Ladies', lol. ;)

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