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October 25, 2009


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Kathleen .. I'm so sorry I missed what happened to your daughter .. I hope all will go smoothly now with her recovery ? and with your stress levels .. remember you need rest too ?
My husband has had surgery so I was preoccupied with that myself .. seems like so many things have happened this Autumn we sort of missed the actual month ? ..
Don't stress over your garden .. it will survive and thrive for next year .. I must say that was a record low !! We have been getting frost but nothing like that.
My best wishes for you with your daughter .. I hope things will get back to normal for you and you can breath a sigh of relief : )


Your cards are so great. What a nice activity to keep your mind off the worries of the day. So glad she is on the mend. What a scare.
If things in the garden don't make it, look at it as a chance to get new plants.
Glad your epi cuttings made it to you!


So glad your daughter is getting better. This is a scary thing and hearing from someone like you that has personally been affected by the H1N1 really brings it home. Take care.


Sorry to hear the recover is dragging on so slowly.

I've been doing a little scrapbooking but don't have the eye for design you do. The card and seed envelope are great.


Hi dear Kathleen. First, I am so glad that your girl is home and feels better! I just read your previous post, and my blood pressure went up. Both my boys have H1N1. They had flu shots, but vaccine needs 10-20 days to get effective. We took them to see a doctor early, within 48 hours, and this helped. Anyway, they look OK now, but your story scares me, especially since one of them is a cardiac patient. Again, I am happy that your daughter is home now. Don't worry about the garden(it's easy to say!) Sometimes plants do better on their own. Hugging you and will go check on my boys.


Glad to hear she's home and getting better. It's so stressful as a parent watching your kids sick like that.
I'm sure your pond will be fine. The fish will be okay as long as the ice doesn't freeze solid all the way through and even then they are pretty tough.
I'm a big planner and like routine but as you know life does "throw curveballs". My new motto since having kids is "Life is what happens while your busy making plans". Take care of yourself as well as everything else. And your cards are beautiful!


Kathleen, Hugs to you...I am so glad your sweetie pie daughter is recovering. I can't think of anything scarier then sitting in the hospital with a sick child. Your beautiful pond had a surprise~~If I know anything about you, you'll have the yard picked up and the pond looking better as soon as you can! But take your need to coddle yourself and your daughter. Your cards are fabulous...even though we are just getting those teasers. gail

Sweet Bay

Pneumonia takes a long time even for a young person to recover from, so her being tired is entirely normal. I'm sorry she (and your family) had to go through this. I'm sure everyone in your house is happy that she's back home!

erin terrell clarkson

I hope J. (and you) get your energy back soon so life can get back to normal. Sending good thoughts your way.
I love the snow photos and that October card is fantastic. Hugs e


Hope things settle down soon for you Kathleen. I'm sure it's been quite an ordeal for your family. It's hard when someone you love gets so ill. Can't believe you have snow already! It's feeling like fall is here finally in VA.


It's me again. After reading your post I asked our Dr. a hundred of ????,and I've been told that what our boys have might not be H1N1, but one of the other strains of influenza A. Isn't it confusing? So, they don't know themselves what we have. You can remove my comments, Kathleen.Thanks for your posts, they let people know what to expect if it happens.


Dear Kathleen, I missed your post about your daughter and missed saying a prayer for her. But I will make up for it now by keeping all of you in my prayers for a long time.

I feel for you and the ordeal you have all gone through. To have a sick child is so frustrating and scary. If only we could change palces with them! Thank goodness for all the wonderful advances in medicine.

Your garden and your pond will forgive your absence and will be just fine. I'm sure they understand your need to be with your daughter. And if Indian summer does come, a nice afternoon of bulb planting for you and some warm sunshine for your daughter might be just the thing for both of you.

Warm thoughts and my prayers go your way.


I've done very little gardening this year, between my dad's cancer and my mother-in-law's health issues. Sometimes life definitely throws us curve-balls.

I'm glad your daughter is getting better.


And I love you to pieces! No worries here as you are not the last to get your card in--it's here. I'ts beautiful as usual. You are mega talented. The most important thing is that your sweet baby is healing and sweet hugs to her and you.

I hope your plants make it. Everything is stressing right now isn't it? So much worry. Makes me tired for you. Here's big hug and you rest up. I'll worry a bit for you.


Kathleen, I'm so sorry I missed what you've been going through with your daughter. Tatyana just told me while telling me about her sons having the flu too.
I'm thrilled to hear she is past the worst part and doing good. How terribly scary that must have been for you. I can remember just going through an ear infection with little ones and how frightening that is not to mention something this serious along with being in the hospital. I'm so glad she's ok now.
I missed this because I've been in the hospital with a lung infection myself for the last week. Happily I'm home and on the mend myself.
Again we're in the same prediciment with our gardens aren't we? I came home to a real mess!!!
Take care of your little girl and our thoughts will be with all of you.

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