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September 30, 2009


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I read you!! I comment!!

That fly looks like something from Beetlejuice for some reason.
I am not sure about my photos, will have to do a look and see.


I'd never heard of this Tachinid Flies before. See I learn something all the time!
Gee, I would sure hate to see you go as I enjoy your posts and comments when you visit me.
I guess I didn't understand how Google takes your pictures or how I would even know. I know when I went to use Picasa for a collage they brought up every picture I had and I wasn't happy about that so I went elsewhere for my collages.


Those are great shots of the fly.

I'd hate to see you give up your blog, I enjoy your posts.


Stunning photos, Kathleen. As for Google, you can, I believe, go into Google Accounts and request that they not "crawl" for your images. However, I find that having your images appear in Google Images drives at least some visits to one's site. Plus it can lead to purchase requests from garden publications if you're inclined to sell any. All to the good, IMHO. But I do know what you mean about blogging being a time suck. :-)

Sweet Bay

I'd hate to see you stop blogging. I know blogging takes a lot of time though. These are wonderful shots. You've just identified an insect for me. I especially like the one of the fly and honeybee together.

I follow people through blogspot so that I know whenever they post, whether it's every day or once a month.


Kathleen, I would miss the heck out of your blog, your delightful photographs and you! is free! Gail Btw, that is an excellent shot of the fly!

Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

Hi Kaathleen, Wow! What photos! It seems like an unusual fly, but perhaps it's more 'known' than I would know...I've just never seen one before! You've captured it's 'bristles' amazingly! Please don't stop blogging! I have google reader so I do see your posts as they pass by (well, not ALL the time, because I'm not always looking) but I know you're there, and I like that. I don't always comment because, like blogging itself, commenting takes up time!! Here it is after 1am and I'm still up! I gotta get to bed now! BUT, I just wanted to say hi, that I love your photos even though it's a strange and odd looking insect (!) and I hope you won't go away!! I thought you might even win a Blotanical award! You have a great blog and people really do like you;-) Take care!!


What amazing pictures. I've never seen these types of flies before.
I would definitely miss you!! If you do move I will keep following, I really enjoy your blog.


Kathleen girl I really hope you won't give up blogging .. I'm not sure what you mean about google taking your photos ? .. let me know?
I do get what you mean about taking so much time being on here to do this .. I do too and I have to shift gears and priorities.
Those shots of that fly are AMAZING!! and rather Halloweeeny
Joy : )


I love to come here and read your blog and look at your beautiful photography! I use Blogger, it's free and I haven't had any problems with it.

My blog time has been severely limited this year. I just post when I can and try not to feel too guilty for not posting more regularly. I don't want to be a slave to my blog.

In regards to Google, I've actually had a publication request to use one of my pictures in a statewide brochure. It was quite an honor for me. I didn't get paid, but it was my first time to be published. They found the picture by doing a Google search and it lead them to my blog. I do hope you'll continue to blog!


Oh, I will hate it if you quit. Your photos are one of the highlights of my day. I do understand. Maintaining a blog on a regular schedule is a challenge. Maintaining a base of readers to exchange comments is time consuming. It all comes down to time, how much you can spare, I guess.

Speaking of photos, great pics of the tachinid. Macros are surely great things. Couldn't see those details with the eye.

Nancy Anderson

Hey Kathleen! How do you know that Google has taken your photos? I recently moved my blog to WordPress. It's a little more difficult to use but that's because it has a lot of options. I made it a subscriber only blog because I had one nasty (relative) that didn't like what I had to say. You can set Blogger to subscriber only also. I have tons of photos on my blog.

I also want to say, that in the 25 years I've lived here, I've never had much luck growing ANYTHING. I'm hoping I'll have better luck now that we've had 3 big trees removed. More sun, less roots. But I also think this is lousy soil. I guess I need to purchase a soil pH kit and see what I need to do to fix things.


I would miss you so much if you abandoned your blog. I hope you don't as I so enjoy the pictures and the wonderful artsy side you bring to gardening and life in general. Post when you can and keep us updated but ultimately you have to do what is right for you but know you'll be missed.

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