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September 04, 2009


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The cup and saucer bloom is pretty. Great dragonfly pictures!


Ah yes, you have to do veggie gardening again next year. Even one tomato is worth it. The cup and saucer is nice. I've not seen it before so I enjoyed the sequence.


I am in awe of the bloom as it darkens to that gorgeous shade of purple! Very nice. It is one I have seen in the catalogs, not in person, nor sequence.

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, I've never seen this cup and saucer (Cobaea scandens). I've got to look this up. You have such an interesting array of items. Congratulations on the photo of the dragonfly! It's gorgeous. I think I like the second one best... not that it matters. :-) Happy Day!
(My filipendula is not huge this year... perhaps it will do Very Well next year! It's not in a Lot of sunshine...)

Tyra in Vaxholm

You are a true master with the camera Kathleen!
Funny name on that first flower 'cup and saucer', love it.

Have a great weekend

I'm jumping on board to go out to an island for a Crayfish party :-)
xoxo Tyra


Katleen girl those dragonflies are picture perfect !
I have never done that vine .. it looks beautiful though : )
I am so disappointed that the moonflower vine NEVER happened for me .. but since I have had good luck with the passionflower one I will try not to complain ? LOL
How is yours doing ? any more growth ? ... this is going to be interesting seeing what happens next Spring : )


That's a beautiful color on that Cup & Saucer Vine. Congrats on your first ripening tomato! I hope it keeps you inspired to keep trying the veggies. I've been very pleased with my first season & I can't wait till next year now. :)


Hip hip hooray is appropriate for any tomato you grow yourself!... and it is pretty to boot! Next year you will remember the magnificent taste of it and won't want to live without it... that should inspire to plant again.

Your cup and saucer is quite unique and an intense purple. Very nice photos as always, Kathleen. I never tire of seeing dragon flies... give them anything vertical to land on and they will surely oblige.

Have a great labor day weekend.

Sweet Bay

Beautiful transformation of the Cobaea flower!

Hilary Kanwischer

Beautiful photos. I've never seen those colors, the purples are just gorgeous. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend Kathleen. :)


Kathleen, How do you talk the dragonflies into standing still for their perfect photos! ...and speaking of delightful photos! Love the Cup and Saucer was perfectly entertaining! I hope you had a good weekend. gail


What a pretty bloom it has! I wanted to try Cup and saucer vine this year, but never did for some reason.
Congrats on the tomato! I'm not a huge vegetable gardener, but I always grow a few tomatoes. They are so good fresh from the garden.

Wildlife Gardener

I love your cup and saucer is a revelation to me...such magnificence!

I love your dragon flies too...excellent shots...I am truly impressed :)

As for growing your own tomatoes, well that's great too :)

Come and see my little butterfly videos :)

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