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September 16, 2009


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I think it is great you are a self taught sewer. As someone who truly fears a sewing machine I can appreciate the determination it would take to teach yourself. The valance is way cool.

Jacqueline D'Elia

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.

But what is a meme? I see it all around and I assume it has something to do with sharing about yourself???


I didn't know that about you and cell phones! And I'm going to make it a mission of mine to get you into the mountains!!!! Talk to you soon.


I suspect that you are more than good at artful or crafty tasks you put your mind toward! Love the dahlia with bee shot. That is a cleverly disguised self portrait, too! gail

Shady Gardener

Thanks Kathleen! That really was fun. And, yes - if I lived closer, I'd grab onto you and head for the mountains, too! :-)

I've been asked to participate in this meme, also. I'm just as pokey - or moreso. I just haven't had time to think about it yet.

(I have no idea from where the word "meme" came. It's just a participatory way to get people involved with each other or in a special project or theme, and learn a little something along the way.) Hope that's a satisfactory definition of sorts.


I enjoyed reading more about you. I'm not surprised you are a talented sewer, you are so creative in the other things you do. I love the window seat cushion! I'm with you on just looking at the mountains, we live close to the beautiful Cascades here, and aside from driving across the pass I've never spent much time there :)


Very interesting, Kathleen! You need to start that childrens' book, while my kids are small yet!
I like your valance!
As for the #7, I beat you here. I don't have a cell phone. Thanks for telling about yourself!


That was fun to read; it's nice to get to know you better!


Great post Kathleen, as always, reading a little more about my electronic pen-pals is fun. I fully embrace my cell phone, though now that my kids have graduated and are working full time I get fewer calls. Good job on the sewing! I can, but I don't, very often. My mom is a great seamstress (made my wedding dress!) and sister is a super fab If I have to sew I make up the pattern as I go.

Sweet Bay

Thank you for sharing this Kathleen. You sound just like my aunt (who flunked Home Ed btw); she is self-taught and can make anything with a sewing machine.

Beautiful cat and I love the picture of the dahlia!

Nicole Anderson

I feel like I know you even BETTER now, haha! That's pretty good seeing as how that is the closest I have ever gotten to seeing your face (in that last post!), LOL!

I am not surprised that you are a master seamstress. What craft could you seriously NOT be good at? Hugs, Nicole


You forgot to mention you are a wonderful, thoughtful, caring daughter and sister who shares her many talents with her family. We think you are beautiful! Mom

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